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Like with most emerging gadgets, the first releases are usually priced way out of reach for average consumers. At the moment, the virtual reality (VR) space is in the process of breaking out of this trend with the help of Giroptic. The French startup is building a 360 shooter that is specifically designed for VR content. Many have already coined the device as the GoPro of virtual reality.

As you know, content creation is essential to the spread of the visual platform. By empowering consumers with an affordable (and powerful) device that is easy to use, VR can solidify itself as a reliable medium for entertainment. “I do not usually like to record–it feels like I am leaving my own experience to be behind the camera. One incredible thing with this device is that you do not have to point and shoot, you just hold it and it captures everything that is around you,” said Partech General Partner Romain Lavault.


There’s Nothing It Can’t Do

Giroptic’s 360cam comes with several key features that instantly make it a must-have device for modern photographers. There are three waterproof cameras, lenses and microphones strategically embedded around the shooter. Each piece covers a peripheral view of your surroundings, which gets stitched together for the complete shot. Impressively, this process takes place inside the camera, and not on an external editing software. With compatible JPG and MP4 viewing formats, sharing the content is incredibly seamless. For a remote experience, you have the option to control the handheld machine using your smartphone. Through the mobile functionality, you can capture, view and share clips in real-time.

Video resolutions for the camera actively meet the standards of most content-hungry industries at 2048p 2K and 4096p 4K. The Wi-Fi capable device can shoot in different modes to accommodate your personal preferences. A time lapse mode strings together snapshots to form a video, while the photo burst mode does the same thing with still images. Perhaps the most interesting option is live mode. The robust setting allows you to broadcast your surroundings live to a streaming website where it can be viewed by anyone. This mode is ideal for events, as well as security-related activities. Giroptic is currently accepting pre-orders for the shooter, which costs $499.


Funding Glory

Many are relying on the company to push VR to mainstream markets. The group recently completed a $4.5 million funding round with the following investors: Partech Ventures, 360 Capital Partners, SOS Ventures, C4 Ventures, the Finorpa Group, rapper Aloe Blacc and founder Oleg Tscheltzoff. Before this campaign, it raised $1.4 million on Kickstarter in a record-breaking 45 days. The brand plans to use the newly acquired funds to boost operations and scale the business.

“We funded GIROPTIC seven years ago on a simple but bold idea. Photos and videos should be as immersive, absolute and natural as reality itself. This funding will allow us to bring our product to market faster and continue to advance our technology further,” explained Giroptic Co-Founder and CEO Richard Ollier.

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