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Arguably one of Instagram’s only real competitors, VSCO has decided to shimmy its way into GIF creation after the recent launch of Instagram’s Boomerang app by releasing DSCO, their latest app for, you guessed it, creating GIFs. Hailed as VSCO’s first-ever pop-up app, DSCO makes the funky, funky promise of letting users capture, edit and share animated GIFs ‘til their fever subsides.

So, just how does DSCO differ from Instagram’s Boomerang? For starters, DSCO allows you to record for up to 2.5 seconds to create your daffy GIFS, a 150% increase in time over Boomerang’s “wait, did I miss it?” one second. DSCO also shoots MP4 video, converting that into a GIF that you can edit with VSCO’s built-in filters and presets and then share to other social media platforms.

Users familiar with VSCO’s layout and mechanics should have no problem figuring out how to dance away with DSCO – the app is almost an exact replica of VSCO in terms of aesthetic and functionality. DSCO includes a simple and easy to navigate interface for shooting and recording animated GIFs, and will also boast exclusive presets from partners including MTV, Shack Shack, Hypebeast and Yourstruly, among others. As of now, five of these presets are available, with MTV being the pioneering branded preset for the brand spanking new app.

DSCO is tightly linked with its mother platform VSCO, meaning that GIFs created in the offshoot app will be visible on VSCO user profiles when shared back to that app through DSCO. The high-quality look and feel of the GIFs created in DSCO give the moving photos a much-needed makeover of glitz and glam, scrubbing over the grit and grain that most GIFs possess when created through similar apps. This is all part of VSCO’s plan to expand their image and niche in the photo sharing and editing market by appealing to more professional and polished photographers.

“We saw VSCO being used in unprecedented ways, and we wanted to ignite that playfulness and originality,” Joel Flory, CEO of VSCO said about building VSCO’s community. With DSCO, the hope is that a new type of GIF emerges from the more humorous, viral fare that populates the Internet – a GIF that’s artistic and elegant, one that embodies everything people love about animated GIFs while embracing a creator’s skill and craft.

Whether you’re burning up the dancefloor or wanting to document your Saturday night fever, DSCO is the app that will help you create the most high-tech, quality GIFs around. Go forth, and do the hustle!

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