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Let’s say you want to get into one of the hottest new sports around – drone racing – but you literally have no idea where to start. After all, maybe you’ve never piloted a drone before. Even more daunting, you wouldn’t even know where to begin looking for the right drone to purchase. Well fear no more, because Aerix has swooped in to help assuage all your concerns and get drone novices up, flying and racing in no time! The company announced it was releasing the Black Talon Micro FPV Racing Drone, a racing drone specifically designed with beginners in mind.

Complete with easy-to-operate features and functionality, such as an altitude hold and interchangeable batteries, Black Talon is about as easy to pick up and use as a baseball bat. Designed to pretty much sustain itself beyond the simple function of progression and direction, the Black Talon is perfect for those who’ve never flown a drone before and want something that will help take them from newbie to expert without jumping head first into the deep end of the drone pool.

The Black Talon is also equipped with cool features like the ability to record flight footage onto a microSD card and stream in 720p to the display screen located on the controller. With a 30-minute recharge window, Black Talon will give pilots seven minutes of flight time. An extended flight package will boost the drone’s flight time to 25 minutes and comes with a whopping 40 replacement blades – as a beginner, you’re probably going to end up crashing your drone a few times. Black Talon retails for $139 (or $189 for the extended version), making it one of the cheapest drone options available. Aerix has created a drone that offers a pretty much perfect gateway into the world of drone racing.

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