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Are you planning a trip some time soon and need a new set of luggage? Rarely does luggage met the criteria for long distance travel, especially when that traveling requires numerous connection flights, relying on airport personnel, and security checkpoints. So much can go wrong!
But alas, fear not! The reign of Samsonite’s plastic hard-shelled cases are now artifacts of long ago, just like Heelys and fanny packs. In other words, they just don’t make the cut in today’s jagged world.
Here’s a look at a few local contenders who’ve merged modern conveniences with elegance in design and performance. And the best part about these definite crowd pleaser are the fact that it starts here in our own backyard.
Barracuda, a San Francisco-based company, designed a carry-on specifically geared towards the tech-inclined individual. Its sleek and stylish design offers a rechargeable USB hub for most small devices and a laptop tray so you can work while waiting for the next flight and remain fashionable at the same time. For an additional charge, consumers can opt for a built-in location detector that works in sync with mobile devices.

Tired of waiting for your luggage at baggage claim? Not to worry, your phone will notify you when luggage is near thanks to Barracuda’s proximity sensor! Forgot your carry-on at the terminal? An internal location tracker will relay your precious cargo’s coordinates to your phone for easy retrieval. And when its not in use, its simple form allows for a collapsible design for compact storage.
The Barracuda carry-on won’t be ready until 2016, but if you’re ahead of the game and have already made a pre-order, you’ll save time and money. Shipments start December and you save $200 from its asking retail price of $480.
Another participant in the growing smart luggage niche is Bluesmart, a company dedicated to building and improving a range of products for travelers. Headquartered in Mountain View, Bluesmart began in 2013 and has set to work on revamping luggage as we know it.
Unlike the textile outing used by Barracuda, Bluesmart has implemented a lightweight polycarbonate surface to withstand the ruggedness associated with travel. It includes two USB ports along with generous battery life. The price is $495, but interested shoppers should think about preordering. They’re biggest challenge right now—making their product compatible with Apple Watch in time for their initial release.

And then there’s Trunkster, for the experienced traveler and veteran globetrotter. Conceptualized by avid world travelers, Jesse and Gaston, Trunkster is built with resilience in mind. The zipperless-rolltop design is both innovative and unique, and has been ordained damage-proof from countless disasters and accidents. Try to think Pelican Case meets the future… Though you can expect the same setup as the aforementioned; USB charging and GPS enabled, Trunkster has included a built-in digital scale so one doesn’t have to spend time in those tedious baggage check lines. Bless them!

So set out on your next adventure, but before you do so… be sure to give these items a try! They’re guaranteed to pave the way for a smoother ride from point A to point B.  And if these items don’t do the trick, there are plenty more options available to chose from.  Its rumored that Samsung and Samsonite have teamed up to create the ultimate ‘smart luggage’ not to mention some tongue-twisting alliteration.  Now that is something to watch out for.

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