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To score a prime spot at fashion shows during Fashion Week, you’ve either got to be in the industry, an illustrious fashion icon, a model in the show or just straight up know the right people. This makes fashion very exclusive to most people, not only a world that can’t be penetrated by the average Joe, but an industry that showcases fashion at these premier events that most people can’t afford, or would even look good in if they’re not a size -6. Stockholm’s Fashion Week is looking to change all of this and bring the eyes and voice of the people into this year’s proceedings.

Designer Ida Klamborn will be using a virtual reality robot to broadcast her show to viewers around the world who weren’t able to score a coveted invite to this exclusive event. Celebrities have surrendered their front-row seats to Klamborn in order for the VR robot to transmit the best video imagery of the show to outsiders, which Klamborn hopes will help democratize the fashion world. Calling this project Democratic Front Row, Klamborn is inviting a culture that is rarely represented or gets a chance to partake in fashion shows like hers to witness it nearly first-hand through virtual reality tech.

Democratic Front Row will be a live 360 VR experience beamed directly to one’s smartphone via the Front Row app. Individuals who signed up to experience Klamborn’s fashion show virtually were sent Google Cardboard headsets specially designed by Klamborn herself to view the show. Everyone else can simply experience the show through Front Row’s app. Klamborn’s robots give the viewers watching power to control and mandate the show, with one of the robots being equipped with a GoPro rig to achieve 360 image action. Virtual attendees can express their thoughts and opinions on the show through the app by liking ensembles they see, which will turn the blue robots different shades of red.

To uphold the designs and aesthetic of her show, Klamborn designed these robots to seamlessly blend in by constructing them out of wood and frosted acrylic glass. They may not be the most sophisticated looking robots out there, but they’re certainly eye-catching with their minimalist design and abstract shape, acting as a sneak peek for what viewers and attendees can expect from Klamborn’s show. Thanks to these virtual reality robots and Democratic Front Row, the best seats in the house at Stockholm Fashion Week are truly in the comfort of your home.

Democratic Front Row

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