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Music festivals are known for their bohemian chic aesthetic, ironic hipster get-ups and a startling lack of clothing that somehow doesn’t cross the line into public indecency charges. When choosing an outfit for a music festival, a wearable isn’t at the top of anyone’s must-have accessory list. That list is normally reserved for a minimum of eight necklaces, rings adorning the majority of one’s fingers, oversized sunglasses, ridiculous hats and probably some glow sticks. This oversight in regards to wearable tech no doubt occurs because of the less-than-hip reputation many wearables boast. However, Gemio is not your Dad’s or tech nerd’s wearable.

As a smart bracelet that will light up like the strobe lights on the Lollapalooza stage when your friends are nearby, Gemio is the perfect wearable accessory for music festivals. Marketed as a social tech accessory, Gemio is designed to be a super cool accessory with built-in LED lights that go off in stunning patterns and as a wearable that will help you monitor and keep track of your clique, which is perfect at overcrowded festivals where phone’s will inevitably die and at least one person in the group will get so drunk that they’ll wander off into obscurity. Simply sync Gemio bands together to go off when friends are near, or program it to give off Light Signals in order to notify or communicate with others. With the latest update, Gemio is looking forward and hoping to create an interactive wearable that will take your concert-going experience to the next level.


Using the MyGemio app, Gemio wearers can now access Channels and incorporate their wearable to a specific event. For example, you could turn control of your Gemio over to a band or DJ at a music festival and have your Gemio light up in synchronicity with their performance, essentially becoming part of the spectacle. You could even set up your Gemio wearable to signal you with a burst of LED lit goodness when your favorite sports team scores a goal or your favorite Twitter follower sends out a message. Basically, Gemio is equipped to respond in stunning, colorful light displays to the movements, people and music around you. Actress Brittany Snow has partnered with Gemio under her nonprofit Love Is Louder to create one of the first Gemio Channels that will get your Gemio band lighting up.

For those who really want to accessorize with Gemio, there are separate attachable Tiles that can be purchased that will easily snap on to the band and change the look of the wearable. Every Tile is optically designed to complement Gemio’s LED panel, meaning you can create unique and mesmerizing patterns, effects, colors and signals as easy as you switch out a pair of shoes. The Gemio band retails for $49, while additional Tiles can cost up to $12 each. New styles of Tiles will be released on a monthly basis, and Gemio fanatics can expect the ability to design their own by year’s end. Let there be light!

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