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I’ve been to Coachella four years in a row and just returned from Weekend 1 of 2. With Weekend 2 coming up quick, I’m here to help make sure you have the gear you need to preserve your upcoming time of your life! Coachella has always relied heavily on spectacle, but this year they’ve outdone themselves. For the first time, the art has been commissioned solely for Coachella instead of being reused from another festival – and it’s bigger than ever. Additionally, Coachella’s stages have received significant upgrades. Specifically, the main stage (officially the Coachella Stage) now has wraparound, giant screens and the Sahara tent (which mainly hosts EDM acts) has dozens of LED-powered cubes positively packed with lights. Here’s the best equipment you can bring to Coachella!

Fixed Lens Camera

Coachella doesn’t let common folk like us bring in DSLR‘s or any camera with an interchangeable lens. I know. Bummer. That privilege is reserved, exclusively, for the press. Thankfully, point-and-shoots have come a very long way in the past few years and can get some pretty nice looking shots that your cell phone can’t. And, besides, cell battery is a precious commodity out of the polo fields.

I recommend the Fuji x100t. This small, light-weight, and retro-chic point-and-shoot will look right at home on the polo fields without dragging you down. And, you know, it’s a really nice camera too. You’d be hard pressed to find a better looking camera that takes such sharp shots.


Into Video?

Each weekend of Coachella is live streamed online, but you’re probably going to want to record your own memories from where you’re standing without having to look through a viewfinder. Since cell phones with their bright screens are so distracting, we recommend taking a GoPro along with you for your favorite acts or just walking around the Polo Fields with your friends. Just remember to live in the moment and don’t feel obligated to record absolutely everything.


Get It Bumpin’

Whether you’re roughing it at your campsite or chilling by the pool, you’re gonna want to blast your favorite bangers before heading into the festivals grounds or relax to some chill beats before it’s time to pass out. To do that, you’re gonna need some kind of portable speaker and there are many to choose from. For Coachella, you’ll want something loud, lightweight, and one that has a long lasting battery. For that, I recommend the JBL Charge 2+. It’s quite loud, crisp, and will be able to last a good chunk of the weekend. Besides, it comes it lots of fun colors.


How Much Did You Dance?

If you’re anything like me, you’re going to leave it all on the dance floor this coming weekend. Coachella is also quite large and will have you hustling across the fields to the next act. So why not figure out how many calories you’re burning to help you justify eating all of the deliciously fatty food Coachella has to offer? The Misfit Ray fitness tracker is probably your best pick for Coachella since it looks more like jewelry than a FitBit. It will blend right in with your carefully selected weekend fashion choices while accurately tracking your activity. The MisFit Ray is one of the hottest wearables right now and also won’t need to be charged the whole weekend – a major perk!


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