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If you thought drone enthusiasts couldn’t get any more outlandish, boy did you seriously underestimate. Taking the idea of drone warfare to ridiculous new levels, Game of Drones is an ultimate drone fighting league that is rapidly gaining prominence thanks to surging public interest in all things drone. If the idea of using equipment that can run in the thousands of dollars to fight to the death seems counterintuitive or is lost on you, well you probably just aren’t extreme enough for Game of Drones. As for the rest of you droneheads, make your way to a stadium, grab a bucket of popcorn and revel in the carnage.

Drone fighting isn’t unlike the sport of people fighting…excuse me, boxing. An audience gathers around a designated fighting pit with two opponents staring each other down at opposite ends. Pilots launch their drones into the air with their controllers, ready to take down their enemy and establish their drone as the dominant contender. The sport has been around since 2013, when a group of early adopters and engineers thought it’d be fun to create a drone fight club. Thankfully, speaking about this club isn’t against the rules – and drone fighting has grown increasingly popular ever since, leading to the creation of an official organization: Aerial Sports League.

Like Khalessi beckoning her dragons into battle, pilots employ their drones in a similar manner. Aerial combat works like this: each drone begins a match with three points. Every time a drone is knocked out of the sky and hits the ground, it loses a point. The first drone to get knocked down three times is the loser. Should both drones crash and burn simultaneously, neither loses a point. If a drone is unable to fly, pilots get 90 seconds to fix their baby like a pit stop in a NASCAR race before they are disqualified. It’s that simple, though no less destructive. These are grudge matches to the highest degree, and only the best drone may emerge from the pit victorious.

To make the prospect of drone fighting a more open and accessible sport to all, Game of Drones’ website sells two drone kit options for beginners to get started with the sport. Each kit runs around $400 (fairly cheap for drone tech) and includes motors, electronic speed controllers, a flight board with programmer, a power distribution board, frame cap and propellers. This should be enough to outfit your drone in battle armor and send it off to its potential demise. Not to worry; just like good ol’ Jon Snow, drones are fairly indestructible by design. Whether one wins or loses, some repairs and R&R should be enough to get any drone back into fighting shape and into the ring. The game of drones will always persevere!

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