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Robbie Bach, Microsoft’s former Chief Xbox Officer and President of Entertainment and Devices, experienced extraordinary moments (the good, the bad and the ugly) throughout his 22-year career with Microsoft. And now he wants to share these stories of adversity and triumph as well as the lessons learned with you in his new book, Xbox Revisited: A Game Plan for Civic and Corporate Renewal  (Brown Books Publishing Group – September 3, 2015 release.) However, he’s not doing this in vain. Rather, he’s using these professional and personal moments in time as a call to arms, to ask us as a nation to challenge civil and political status quos.


Xbox Revisited by Robbie Bach highlights these life-altering events from the disastrous episode when the first Xbox failed to “turn on” at its unveiling, to a pivotal moment he faced on 9/11 as the terrorist attacks played out before the world. This book has been heralded as a “wake-up call” to address the problems we face in our own back yard as well as issues faced across the nation.

Bach takes readers on Xbox’s journey from “garage-shop beginnings to worldwide recognition,” and honestly reveals the triumphs and failures instrumental in the development of the Xbox and Xbox 360, as well as the overall revolutionary brand itself. Bach passionately states, “Xbox Revisited lays out my vision for what I call “civic engineering” which is simply how we can all help our community, non-profit, and government organizations work more effectively to improve everyone’s quality of life.”

Xbox Revisited: A Game Plan for Civic and Corporate Renewal  claims to provide the tools necessary to address even the most challenging problems we face in our professional, personal, and civic lives. This is achieved through a method Bach uses called the 3P Framework: Purpose, Principles, and Priorities created by the Xbox team during his career with Microsoft.


Bach’s 3P Framework is based on the Rule of 3s and 5s. He states, “Based on hundreds of presentations in front of large crowds or small groups, leaders present at most three ideas if they want anyone to remember them. Shifting from communications to action, the Rule of 3s are extended with a principle called the Rule of 5s: any list of strategies, tactics or programs must be limited to a total of 5 action items to ensure that resources are allocated appropriately to the projects that are most important.”

Through his fall book tour, Bach will discuss the Rule of 3s and 5s in detail a well as other topics covered in Xbox Revisited including:

  • Easy ways to get involved in the renewal of civic and political institutions
  • Turning revolutionary technology into a springboard for evolutionary activism
  • Discussion of the history and current status of gaming through the creation of Xbox
  • Implementing the 3P framework to address some of the biggest issues facing our nation – from immigration and education to infrastructure
  • Step-by-step solutions for increasing corporate responsibility and improving leadership and productivity

“Robbie presents a highly effective, common-sense strategy to address difficult business and community issues. And in the process, he challenges all of us to step up to the plate and participate in renewing our civic and political institutions,” notes Jeff Raikes, co-founder of the Raikes Foundation and former CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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