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While there’s certainly nothing wrong with working up a sweat at your local gym, there’s also this notion that you have to go outside of your home in order to establish an effective exercise routine. Believe it or not, you can in fact get a fat-burning, muscle-building high intensity interval training workout right in the comfort of your living room. These five short exercises should be done for 20 seconds each (with as many reps as you can get in) and in a set of two (meaning 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, then repeat once). In 10 quick minutes using just a simple timer, following this easy routine will have you getting fit from home in no time!

1. Squat jumps


To do these, stand straight with your feet placed slightly wider than shoulder width. Bend down at your knees with your weight centered on your heels until you’ve completed a full squat. After this, jump straight up into the air as high as you can and land on your toes so your impact with the ground is softer. Repeat!

2. Push-ups


Get into a normal plank position, with your arms apart slightly wider than your shoulders and your feet close together. Slowly lower yourself down, getting as close to the ground as possible, then push back up to your starting position. For proper form and maximum results, make sure your core is tight and resist the urge to let your center sag or arch.

3. Jumping lunges


Get into a lunge position with your one foot in front and the other behind you with your back knee about an inch from the floor. Then, jump straight up out of the lunge, switching your legs mid-air and land on your toes. Repeat this action for as many reps as you can fit in.

4. Sit-ups


Sit-ups are pretty self-explanatory, but angling your chin towards the sky and fully touching your elbows to your knees is key to getting good results. If you need a little assistance for this exercise, try tucking your feet under the edge of your sofa to get the necessary leverage.

5.  Burpees


Finally, cap off your routine with leap frog-esque burpees. Stand with your legs apart, only slightly wider than shoulders. Squat to the floor and put your hands on the ground then jump backwards into push-up form. Now, hop forward with your feet into a bottom squat position again, then jump straight up in the air. Though this repetition gets a little intense, it’s worth the results in the end.

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