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Scenario: It’s 10:43PM on a Saturday night, and it’s obvious that any plans you had are not going to happen. Last week, you rummaged through Netflix and added half a dozen titles to your queue and now is your chance to catch up. One episode of Arrested Development leads to an hour of Scandal, and before you realize it you’re yearning for something more callous and dramatic. You want fear, lies, and a hefty dose of political jargon mixed with intense manipulation; just the way Frank Underwood serves his presidency. Yes, House of Cards currently has your life on hold, until you’ve discovered just how hungry you are. Cooking is out of the question—that requires pressing pause.


There’s no need to feel ashamed if this sounds familiar. I’m guilty of binge watching on several accounts too. It’s convenient, nothing short of amazing, and fulfilling in every way possible. Fortunately, there’s an app for everything these days, including finding the next meal. But which app is best suited for your taste? That’s where it gets a little tricky. It takes an experienced foodie to navigate through all the popular options to determine which is best for which occasion. And I’m just the right person for this kind of subjective decision-making… Below are a few reviews of apps that offer similar food delivery options available for download on both Android and Apple devices.


Recently acquired from the folks who popularized online restaurant reviews, Eat24 is Yelp’s food delivery service. With taglines that boast, “20,000 reasons not to cook,” and “like a food truck in your pants,” they don’t leave much for the imagination other than guaranteed #foodporn. Eat24 provides hungry people with real-time selections paired with excellent search filters. An added perk to their service is CashCoupon, which is offered through select restaurants and can be redeemed towards future purchases. Additional discounts are also offered regularly (promo codes available on twitter) to help offset costs.


When it comes to payment, Eat24 accepts cash and credit and is also compatible with PayPal and Google Wallet. Delivery fees are left at restaurants’ discretion, which, personally I’m kind of meh about. I’d prefer a price that isn’t dependent on where I chose to eat. All in all, Eat24 is highly recommended for newcomers and travelers for their wide variety of menus in addition to their location relevance.


DoorDash, a Palo Alto-based company that debuted back in 2013, has garnered quite a bit of popularity in recent months. It resembles something vaguely similar to Uber—except the precious cargo consists of meals. You may have recognized the redshirted folks patiently waiting for food pickups at the bar, catching up on the ball game or getting directions to their next location. Not only have I had food delivered by DoorDash, I’ve also been on the order receiving end as a merchant. Their app is simple to use and any order received by our restaurant account is confirmed with an automated phone call reminding us to check the status on any orders that may be pending. Everything has been paid for online with a credit only option, the food is packaged to-go, and DoorDash collects within a timely fashion. Simple and straight forward enough, right? And they’re consistently adding more and more locations to keep up with the growing population of demanding foodies. They’ve currently expanded to eight major cities with no signs of slowing down.


Delivery services start as early as 8:15 am, but you’re more than welcome to pre-order ahead of time. In most cases delivery fees are $6, though if orders are particularly large and over $100, DoorDash will charge double. Checkout offers tipping options for drivers as well. This locally-based company is great option for residents living in the Peninsula.

If you intend on feeding a larger group of people within a corporate setting or hosting a large party, provides great services. We’ve all encountered that one picky eater in a group or maybe that’s you. The fact being—everyone has different tastes and realizes this.

shutterstock_168423812 breaks down their service into four categories to ensure everyone is pleased and any and all occasions are accommodated for, including last minute catering requests via their “Meals on Demand.” Each order earns you Waiterpoints that are redeemable in the form of gift certificates, electronics, or Waiter swag.

Fluc (AKA Food Lovers United Co.)

Fluc believes in the idea of making food delivery more personal, providing users with a brief profile and headshot of drivers handling orders. First delivery is free and $5.99 thereafter. Not only do they handle individual orders, but they work to serve many local business in the Silicon Valley including the likes of Google and Adobe. Unfortunately, fluc only serves the Bay Area and Los Angeles and their hours are limited to 11:30AM-9:45 pm. However, if you want your meal to come with some personality, you can count on them.



Saving best for last is Chicago’s GrubHub and they make life wonderful pairing the best food and delivery options available to users for a nominal fee or in most cases, nothing at all. GrubHub is usually my go-to option since I work night shifts and it provides real-time results on restaurants that are open late and serve quality food.


When selecting a menu, users are presented with an array of ratings and reviews from locals via Yelp and fellow GrubHubbers that leaves you feeling confident in your decision. Quite contrary to the $1 pizza splice spots tucked between a laundromat and 7 Eleven frequented during a night of bar hopping. No one enjoys eating food that tastes like regret. And GrubHub has been graced with providing quality results that are dependable and affordable. Overall, these folks are best for late night grubbers for its varied alternatives and almost always free delivery.

Honorable mention goes out, who are still relatively new to the scene, but give users a look into other opportunities that are canopied under the term delivery. Although, they only cater to a handful of select cities, will fetch your diner, laundry, and groceries—including alcohol. Their mission to upstage fellow competitors will most likely reshape the online delivery industry in coming years.


So relax, you can go ahead and finish Sharknado 2. No one is here to judge you—at least until delivery arrives.

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