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From apps that help rid your life of toxic relationships to virtual reality “post cards” that transport you to exotic locations around the world (all without leaving your hotel room), technology is changing the way we spiritually, physically and emotionally stay healthy. Here are five products promising to help you find serenity within the daily grind.

Marriott VR Post Cards:

If you’re a stressed-out road warrior spending a majority of your time in hotel rooms, Marriott may have a solution to make your stay a little more relaxing. The high-end hotel chain wants you to immerse yourself in a relaxing vacation, filled with exotic scenery and compelling storytelling. And the best part, you don’t have to leave your room. How’s this possible, you ask?

Marriott teamed up with Relevent and Framestore’s Virtual Reality Studio to showcase their latest Travel Brilliantly campaign with Virtual Reality Postcards. These in-room VR postcards allow guests to fully engage in “intimate and immersive travel stories that users experience in 360 3D via a virtual reality headset.”


The 24-hour relaxing VR journey, using SamsungGear VR headsets (or Milk VR), allows guests to hear and experience travel stories from an ice cream shop in Rwanda, the Andes Mountains in Chile and the streets of Berlin, with more places expected to follow. Unfortunately, this program is only offered at the New York Marriott Marquis and the London Marriott Park Lane, however, the high-end hotel chain plans to continue offering more VR platforms like this to several of their chains in the future.

“Travel expands our minds and helps push our imagination,” said Matthew Carroll, vice president of Marriott Hotels. “Our guests want to be in inventive spaces that help foster their creativity and thinking. VRoom combines storytelling with technology, two things that are important to next generation travelers.” Visit Travel Brilliantly for more details.


Goodbye toxic relationships. Both real app and art project, the pplkpr (pronounced “people keeper”) helps you manage stress by helping you avoid those who cause it. pplkpr is an app that tracks, studies and auto-manages your relationships. By wearing its heart-rate monitor wristband, pplkpr measures your physical and emotional response to the people around you, and structures your social life accordingly.

The project, created by Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald, was originated as a quantified study about relationships. They both pondered questions like: Who owns the data created between two people, and what if it’s captured and used? What if algorithms could understand our relationships and make better interpersonal decisions than we can ourselves? From there, pplkpr was born.  “We hope that seeing and trying the app will enable people to think critically about this future and speak out about what we do and don’t want to manifest.”


Users scroll through contacts and learn who makes them nervous, angry or happy. Over time, as pplkpr gathers data through this information, it deletes contact information of those who truly mess with your happy place. The more you use it, the more pplkpr will learn to match your patterns. “It gave me the excuse to cut toxic friends out of my life” — Jake, pplkpr user. The app and monitor are available for purchase separately.


Made completely from wood, The LEAF brings a whole new way for women to take charge of their overall health. This health tracker claims to help users monitor activity, sleep quality, stress and breathing patterns, and even understands your menstrual cycle. Yes ladies – finally an app that understands more than just how many calories you burned walking to work.


And, for the fashion conscious, it’s actually a beautiful piece of jewelry (unlike the typical clunky unisex trackers) that comes in different wood finishes and styles (gold, rose gold and silver). Users can wear it as a necklace or bracelet with LEAF accessories, or it can be clipped onto a piece of clothing (useful during exercise). The health tracker records users activity, sleep and stress with the accompanying app by measuring breathing movements, which it uses as a proxy for stress.


Women can even follow their premenstrual, ovulation and period days at a glance, and learn how other aspects of your health are affected during those days of the month. The LEAF also has a smart alarm that vibrates based on users’ goals, allowing a balanced amount of activity for a healthier lifestyle.

Bellabeat (the company behind the LEAF) makes a full line of health trackers and other devices aimed at women. According to TechCrunch, co-founder Urška Sršen claims that 120,000 women have signed up for the waitlist to date.  The device offers a 6-month battery life and a replaceable battery. Prices begin at $119 and include a leather bracelet and necklace.

The Aria Ultra Sonic Oil Diffuser 

Ever walk into a spa and immediately feel relaxed just by smells that flow throughout the room? Those aromas are typically from powerful essential oils broken down into micro molecules and dispersed through diffusers. But now thanks to the company Young Living, these same high-end diffusers have truly gone hi-tech with options like LED lights, built-in integrated speakers that seamlessly connect to mobile phones, and even USB diffusers to use at the office, in the car or anywhere. It’s a little spa on the go if you will.


The Aria Ultra Sonic Oil Diffuser is one of many new hi-tech diffusers from the Young Living collection with features such as multi-colored LED light displays, relaxing music tracks played through integrated speakers, a cable used to connect any external music devices or phones and a wireless remote to control all of the device’s functions including volume, interval time and music choice. The kit also comes with two 5ml bottles of therapeutic grade essential oils (Lavender and Citrus Fresh).


I had a chance to speak with Michael Brandon, a representative of Young Living, and he explained that “the company produces their own high-quality oils in addition to the hi-tech diffusers. They do this through a Seed To Seal process where the oils are extracted through careful steam distillation but also through cold pressing. This process creates pure essential oils that are even more powerful than the flowers they were extracted from. The process is done in a 107,000-square-foot facility, using state-of-the-art equipment. But honestly, it’s all about the smell, it’s beyond amazing and the diffusers are super quiet!”

In essence, this is therapeutic grade oil, so not only do they offer relaxing, massage and therapeutic purposes, some oils can actually be ingested and even cooked with. Some other high tech diffusers the company offers are:

  • The USB Diffuser that can be used with your laptop, car, office, or when you travel. It’s mobile, compact and silent, with 10 second, 30 second or 60 second diffusion interval settings. Comes in black, white, pink and purple.
  • Rainstone Diffuser, a state-of-the-art diffuser with ultrasonic technology and 8 hours of diffusion, ambient light settings, a negative ionizer and remote control.




  • A Kids Diffuser that comes in either a “Dino Land” and “Dolphin Reef” motif with four white under-panel soft LED night-lights, six alternating vapor LED light settings and control buttons.

For more information on the products listed visit Young Living, or contact Michael Brandon for additional pricing and purchasing information.

The Melon

The Melon is an activity monitor that uses an adjustable brainwave monitoring (EEG) headband (ages 10+) to collect the electrical impulses naturally given off by your brain.


Using a Bluetooth 4.0LE, Melon wirelessly connects to most phones to help users track and train their mental state of focus. The device comes with a relaxation app that uses different colors to represent different states of mind. For example, staying calm can stop a blue screen from turning red.


Users can save all of their data for analysis and greater understanding about their habits, ability to focus, and overall state of mind relative to different activities. The system even comes with games to improve focus and attention for the ol’ noggin.

The device is compatable with iOS, OSX and Android devices. However, as of today, potential users will have to sign up on the product’s waiting list as it’s currently sold out. For more information and to sign up, visit

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