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Do your fingers get the shakes when your smartphone isn’t in your hand? Read on to find out if your insatiable appetite for technology is doing more harm than good.

phone sleep

1. You check your phone notifications in the middle of the night

Most people have valid reasons for getting up in the middle of the night. Some take short trips to the bathroom. While others check their phone notifications. Turning off your handheld device may not always be an option (especially for work). But that doesn’t mean you have to respond to every buzz and ring. If technology is robbing you of a full night’s sleep, it might be time for a digital detox session.

recording video on smartphone

2. Living in the moment has no meaning

Creating memories start with the present. Photos and videos are reminders of those experiences, but they can never replace the action of engaging in such events.

“One might counter-argue that while we sometimes remove ourselves from ‘our moment’ by watching something through our smartphone screen compared to watching it with our eyes, networked technologies allow us to live in the moments of millions of people every day — such as following with eyewitness accounts the riots in Egypt, or the tsunami that struck Japan a few years ago or even the delicious burger I prepared on my patio last night,” said Dr. Nicholas Bowman, assistant professor of Communication Studies at West Virginia University.

texting in car

3. You haven’t seen your close friends in a few months, even though they live nearby

Chatting with your friends through a messaging app is not the same as having a conversation at a coffee shop. But these days, many use technology as a substitute for real life experiences. If you rely on group chats to keep your friends updated and are contented with not seeing them for months- there’s a problem.

Fortunately, rekindling those relationships shouldn’t be too difficult. Making the commitment to see your friends at least once or twice a week is a great way to kick the awful habit.

work sleep

4. Your personal life temporarily stops when the internet is down

Your reaction to a sudden loss in internet connection says a lot about your dependence on technology. If you’re able to brush off the temporary detachment, you’re in great shape.

The reality is, some individuals quickly get frustrated and completely stop functioning. Some even go as far as putting their personal life on hold, as they scramble to regain control of the situation.

computer bed

5. Most of your conversations revolve around content you see or read online

Staying constantly plugged into the digital world means all of your experiences are limited to the websites you regularly invest your time in. So when you talk to people, chances are your conversations are going to be filled with random information.

Having a balanced life filled with a broad range of elements and relationships lets you pull conversations from those experiences. That’s why those who are out there engaging the world are more emotionally connected and fun to be around.

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