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When Fitbit wants to make a splash, they create a tsunami. That’s the only way to describe the gigantic announcement the fitness tracker company unveiled recently, detailing tons of new products, upgrades, accessories and sneak peeks of what’s coming soon. In fact, there’s so much to wade through that we could conceivably make a separate post for every single thing Fitbit announced. However, for the sake of brevity and your time, we’ve compiled all the standout moments and highlights from Fitbit’s latest announcement into one handy post (you’re welcome!). Scroll below to see all the latest and greatest from Fitbit.

Fitbit Blaze and Alta Go Gold

Fitbit Blaze Gold

Gold – you either love it or hate it. As it turns out, many have been clamoring for gold to make its way to Fitbit products. Luckily, the makers took notice and have introduced gold updates to the Fitbit Blaze and Alta models. If the sleek, minimalist metal look of these models kept you from purchasing one, then the warm, regal gold finishes (and bands) might have you snatching one of these off the shelves now.

New Accessories from Tory Burch and Vera Wang

Vera Wang Fitbit

Upping the style ante even more than adding gold color options to some of their models, Fitbit has partnered with renowned designers and fashionistas like Vera Wang and Tory Burch, who have each created their own line of Fitbit accessories for the Blaze and Alta models. Burch’s designs are under wraps, but Wang’s collection is the stuff of accessory wet dreams with asymmetrical designs, custom leather bands and cute, simplistic charm bracelet redesigns of existing Fitbit models.

Fitbit Flex and Charge 2 Get Major Updates

Fitbit Charge 2

The latest incarnations of Fitbit’s popular Flex and Charge 2 models were unveiled, and boy, do they really deliver. The new Fitbit Flex boasts a slimmed down design complete with bracelet and necklace accessories in gold, rose gold and silver. As for the tracker’s functional upgrades, it possesses an improved exercise tracking program and is completely “swim-proof” for all you budding Olympic athletes out there.

The new Charge 2 also comes equipped with the updated automatic exercise tracking feature, along with a new one that uses your personal profile and fitness data to keep track of your fitness level. A sleeker redesign gives the Charge 2 a larger watch face, perfect for the new real-time exercise monitoring you can pull up on the screen. Finally, a Guided Breathing Sessions feature will help you cool down or come down from an intense workout routine or stressful situation by telling you when to breathe.

Adventure Mode App Goes Virtual

Fitbit Adventure Mode

Fitbit describes the latest update of their Adventure Mode app as a “new series of personal, non-competitive activity challenges that are designed to inspire you to move more and reach your health and fitness goals.” To achieve this lofty feat, the app is making use of virtual experiences that will transport you to amazing outdoor destinations like national parks or landmarks. You can even participate virtually in events like city-sponsored marathons. It’s not quite immersive virtual reality, but it’s an interesting leap forward for Fitbit into the kind of tech that has made Pokémon GO a sensation.

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