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Turns out, you don’t need hundreds of millions of dollars, a cadre of special effects or any real directorial experience to make a Star Wars film. No, that is not throwing shade at any person currently involved in the numerous Star Wars movies currently in production – it’s just plain and simple fact! Rotor Riot, a prominent drone-racing organization, has filmed an impressive short Star Wars film all their own, using nothing but drones to get the job done. Titled Drone Star Wars, the film has already amassed more than a million views on YouTube in just under a week, and expertly shows off the amazing footage one can achieve using .

Rather than constructing life-size models of space crafts or using high-tech CGI, the filmmakers at Rotor Riot employed old Star Wars toys and action figures to film their drone opus, including a Rebel Alliance X-Wing fighter, Imperial fleet TIE fighters, Stormtroopers and good ‘ol R2-D2. The film follows R2-D2 staging an escape mission in an X-wing after he’s been captured by the evil Empire and is pursued by Imperial fighters. To convey all of this action, footage was shot by attaching propellers and motors to some of the toys and figurines in order to facilitate life-like movement. Drones filmed the footage and captured the rapid pace and intensity of R2-D2’s escape. Still, words only convey so much – watch the truly impressive short-film below to tide you over until the next big screen Star Wars adventure.

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