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Facebook is on a roll this year. They announced a handful of new apps for users, including a powerful dialer called Hello.

The official Facebook blog post mentions the following about the smart app:

“Billions of calls are made everyday on mobile phones and people often have very little information about who’s calling them. Today we are starting to test Hello, a new app built by the Messenger team. Hello connects with Facebook so you can see who’s calling, block unwanted calls and search for people and places.”

Not sure what to think of the mysterious, Android-only calling platform? Find out if the app has what it takes to replace your stock dialer below.


Robust Caller ID Features

Caller ID is one of the most important features in a dialer. Facebook gets it right by leveraging its own massive database for accurate identification. Using the app, individuals can see who’s calling, even if the phone number isn’t saved in the actual device. You’ll only be able to see phone numbers that are made public, so there’s a chance a few calls won’t be properly tagged. Regardless of the minor drawback, this feature alone makes the dialer worth downloading.

If you’re prone to getting pranked, the app lets you block unwanted, persistent calls. It also automatically blocks incoming numbers that have a history of being malicious. Just like a native dialer, basic contact management capabilities such as adding, editing and calling are easily accessible through the menu.


Facebook Integration

As you might have guessed, the alternative dialer ties in seamlessly with the official Facebook app. To use the calling platform, users have to log into their personal account. From there, almost everything is synced to perfection. An auto-update feature keeps your contacts’ information up to date without needing to manually edit each entry. As long as your contact keeps his or her number updated on Facebook, you can be sure the information you have on your device is correct. This also includes profile pictures, birthdays and number of mutual friends.

Users have the option to perform searches and view profiles within the dialer without being transferred over to the main Facebook app. This works for places, people and smartphone contacts.

Perhaps the most interesting feature is direct messaging and VoIP calling. Like most people, you probably have Skype or Viber installed on your mobile. What the Facebook dialer offers that other calling platforms can’t match is convenience. Calling or messaging within Messenger is a lot faster than opening a new app and telling the person to switch over just for a call.


Should I Replace my Stock Calling App with the Hello Dialer?

Unlike Facebook Home (which was a major flop), the social media giant’s dialer app includes some very useful, everyday features. Its integration with your personal account is nonintrusive to the basic act of calling and searching. Furthermore, it only displays the information you need and nothing more.

The new Facebook dialer also offers more insights for your calls. Lastly, it keeps communication lines open, hopping from VoIP calls to messaging or vice versa, all from a single app.


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