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Visual archiving, displaying and storytelling is pretty much the name of the game for all things under the Facebook umbrella, so it should come as no surprise that the social media titan is once again introducing a bold, new feature designed to bolster the social sharing of visual content. Meant to address the sluggishness and user-unfriendly method of scrolling through images on the platform, Facebook has unveiled a new feature meant to rectify this issue: Slideshow.

Debuting in the Facebook app, Slideshow will allow Facebook users to combine and archive photos and videos into themed mini-movies as a way of grouping visuals that belong together into a complete package. No one’s going to scroll through 100 photos of your recent Fourth of July celebration if you decide to upload them all to your Facebook page. With Slideshow, you can cherry-pick the best visuals from your holiday shenanigans and create a movie that Facebook believes will be more sharable and easily digestible for other users, rather than clicking ad nauseum through photo after photo.

These Slideshow films bare a very similar aesthetic and function to the automatic clips the platform generates at the end of the year to highlight your top moments, or the ones that celebrate and highlight long-lasting social relationships. Creating these magical mini-movies through Slideshow is a piece of cake. Simply take at least five photos in the span of 24 hours, and when you got to update your status on Facebook, it will prompt you to create a Slideshow that you can then customize with transitions, music and your choice of one of 10 themes. Do all your friends a favor and use Slideshow to post something they might actually enjoy looking at.

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