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The rumor mill has been spinning like mad lately, with the 411 being that Facebook is reportedly developing its very own camera app. Yes, it seems that Facebook is tired of playing second fiddle to your phone’s built-in camera app, and other popular social media image takers like Snapchat, which continues to skyrocket popularity wise thanks to those crazy filters and ever-expanding snap story model. Also a concern for Facebook: declining engagement numbers. One can almost hear Zuckerberg grumbling under his breath, “thanks a lot, Snapchat.”

A report from the Wall Street Journal indicates that the social media titan will attempt to reverse this engagement trend, get more people sharing images and win back users with a stand-alone camera app all its own. As if that hot cup of talk wasn’t enough, gossipmongers are saying that a team at Facebook has already created a rough, beta version of a camera app that’s a cross between Snapchat and Periscope. The app would open directly to a camera (like Snapchat) and enable people to live stream video through it onto Facebook Live (like Periscope). The scent of innovation wafting through the air is almost unbearable.

Most would be forgiven thinking that this is Facebook’s first attempt to create a stand-alone camera app, due to the sheer failure and irrelevance of three previous attempts the company launched in the past several years that were met with a resounding choir of cricket chirps. This track record doesn’t bode well for Facebook, especially with early reports indicating that Facebook seems to just be grasping at straws and cherry-picking features here and there from other wildly popular apps. Facebook is going to have to get creative and bold if they want this latest attempt at a camera app to capture people’s imaginations and make them leave behind apps like Snapchat and Periscope that appear to be inspiring their endeavors.

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