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Drones are changing the way we work, play and communicate with our surroundings. For photography businesses, the flying machines are used to create bold shots that leave long-lasting impressions.

Read on to find out how quadcopters can modernize your craft, improve your reputation in the highly competitive space and add value to your offerings.


Unique Shots in Everyday Places

Tired of shooting around the same sites? Drones can help you engage your environment by changing the perspective of your camera. Instead of resorting to far-flung destinations, you could fly a drone around places you’re already familiar with and capture breathtaking shots.


“You can get unique content, which is what most clients are looking for these days. They want to enhance the way people view their content and want to be unique. The drone offers those unseen angles and can help you sell your service,” said Robert Strok, a photographer based in Seattle, Washington.

“I found trails and sources of water that I would have never usually discovered. It was eye opening and definitely an experience I wish upon everyone.”

People are naturally drawn to drone footage because they stand out. At the end of the day, your clients will feel that they have something special- something they can only get from your services.


Low-cost Advantages

Photography gear is expensive. Just buying the essentials can set you back thousands of dollars before your first booking. The cost of using basic equipment for aerial shots is simply not worth the investment when you can replicate the same experience with a quadcopter for a fraction of the price.

“Most of the shots I got would have never been possible without the drone and even now I’m shocked at the results I got. It really takes your imagery to the next level and every time I used the drone I had people really interested in it, and loved the idea of this creative art,” clarified Strok.


Drones also eliminate risks associated with aerial photography. For example, instead of suspending yourself on the side of a bridge or building you could deploy a drone to cover hard-to-reach spots. This puts you out of harm’s way, as you control the compact flier from a distance using a controller.

For such uses, it might be worth picking up drone insurance to protect your business from unwanted claims and damages. In particular, hull and liability coverage can save you boatloads of money, especially if you intend on flying around the city.

D3Image Credits: Robert Strok

Drone Tech is Future-proof

Sticking close to photography trends is one of the best ways to keep your business relevant. The use of UAVs has increased in the past five years, making them notably disruptive to the industry.


This means that now would be the perfect time to start incorporating drones in your business. Offering aerial packages sends a very clear message to your clients that they’ve chosen an edgy, forward-thinking photographer who takes his or her craft very seriously.


“I personally am now going to invest in a drone and my girlfriend (who is also a photographer) purchased a drone after testing the one from Lumoid. The drone industry is just growing now and it’s good to hop on board before everyone else. You’ll be more experienced as well as will have a head start with content,” mentioned Strok.



Images courtesy of Robert Strok.

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