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1. Surf shirts and trunks to local kids are just as powerful as cash, they will get off your ass about buying a necklace too.


2. You’re in the tropics, its really hot all year long, only can legitly survive off 2 pairs of board shorts (one dry, one wet) and two shirts, shoes not needed.



3. If you’re bringing Camera equipment, pick up a bag that isn’t as suspicious, I got mine from and it fits more then I can carry.


4. Your boat captain is your survival guide, be friends with him, because he can take your stuff and leave you.



5. SUP is still looked down on in El Salvador too, maybe even more than at home.


6. Drink tons of water. Nothing can ruin a bottom turn like this more than a cramp.


7. Don’t fool around with hostels and hotels you’ve never heard of, only go to places there you know someone that has gone and made it back. A group of guys from my hometown have been going to Las Flores for the last 8 years. Booked through WaveHunters, Las Flores is located in the small town of Carretera del Cuco, two hours east of the capital.



8. When you stay at Las Flores request Predator and tip him well and you will surf this alone.


9. On a down day go to the only school of El Cuco that has grades K to 12th grade. Give back.









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