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Nissan wants to fill your daily commute to work with an immersive LSD experience. The car brand recently unveiled a concept vehicle at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show that left many scratching their heads and prone to seizures from the car’s interior, extravagant lightshow, which is tailor made for a 90s warehouse rave.

“Designing a car to appeal to the generation we call `share natives’ required us to intentionally not use knowledge and tried-and-true approaches we had amassed,” said Executive Design Director Satoshi Tai. “For example, through design we typically try to convey a sense of acceleration, power, or supreme quality. But these values do not resonate with share natives. If anything, such car traits just call to mind old-fashioned technology that bears little relevance to their lives.”

The Car of the Future?

The Teatro for Dayz (yes, that’s really the car’s name), looks like your typical concept car from the outside. It features slim lights with a minimally-designed frame that resembles a cross between the Nissan Juke and the discontinued Cube model. Long digital panels found on the side and in front of the vehicle are the only hints of the party-laced interior. Adding to the impractical features are the wide-swinging doors. Getting in and out requires you to take up as much space as possible, while exposing the entire wall of the car. Parking in tight spaces is not an option, unless you want to resort to crawling out of the windows.

All bashing aside, the transportation pod does look pretty cool. When asked about the inception of the car, the company revealed an unconventional approach to design:

Step 1: Toss out preconceived notions regarding vehicles

Step 2: Understand that what moves kids today is not what moved their parents

Step 3: Be open to a new definition of mobility


Massive Digital Canvas

Inside you’ll find everything covered in screens, from the dashboard and seats to the doors and windows. Nissan hasn’t figured out how to make this possible yet. For the sake of the presentation, the group installed several eye-catching projectors to mimic the feature. Ideally, the monitors are supposed to keep passengers connected to everything. There’s enough space for a weather widget, a panel for your emails and private messages, a video chat session and an area dedicated to real-time news. That sounds like a lot going on, but it’s no different from a living room hooked up to a bunch of smart devices. The only key difference here (and it’s a big one) is that you’re in a car. Nissan also didn’t address audio isolation for all of the screens. But without any hard specs to work with, it’s okay to assume that the brand has it covered!

The Teatro for Dayz is being marketed as a next generation EV for youths that have yet to be conceived yet. By the time this reaches mainstream consumers, it might also come with self-driving controls, which is very appropriate for the car. With distractions at every angle, having a robot take the wheel is probably the safest way to reach your destination in this party starter.

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