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1. Reach the venue early. Choose the best location. Then frame your shots with different foreground and background elements to create a unique perspective.

2. Switch to Manual mode. This way you can adjust your shutter speed and aperture accordingly, and even shoot bulb if you want to. Aim for an aperture of around f/8 – f/16. Also stick to a low ISO (such as 100-200) and use manual focus.

3. Use a tripod. You want your camera to be as still as possible since you’ll be shooting at slow shutter speeds. The best way to avoid any camera shake is by using a tripod.

4. Shoot with a remote release. A remote release along with your tripod is another way to ensure completely motionless shots. Alternately, try shooting with self-timer mode on your camera.

5. Frame your shot. Make sure the horizon line is straight. Keeping the camera level on your tripod will help with this. Also, play around with vertical and horizontal shots according to the scene.

Now, once the fireworks begin you’ll be ready to start shooting!

Photo: Mike Theiss


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