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When it comes to audio tech, it’s no exaggeration to say that the market is currently very saturated. So, just how does a company or brand stand out among the crowded audio field and deliver a device or gadget that gets people not only talking and interested, but is a quality product that spurs rabid demand? Well, if you’re Doppler Labs, you create a line of earbuds that are essentially mini-computers that can process and transform sounds in real-time.

Unveiling the latest prototype of their Here Earbuds at CES, Doppler Labs is making a strong case for itself as the audio tech company to watch. These active listening system buds are basically in-ear processors that digest live sound and music, and transform it into a completely new audio experience. Doppler Labs isn’t content with making quality earbuds – they want to change the way we listen to music and the world around us with Here earbuds by making them double as tiny audio computers.

Here Earbuds use built-in wireless tech that can filter, enhance and manipulate audio you’re choosing to listen to through them, or all the sounds and noises you encounter in everyday life. Using an app, wearers can adjust volume settings, select frequencies to enhance or diminish certain sounds and even block or completely drown out specific background noises to focus in on the sounds that you want to hear.

Here Active Listening earbuds

That’s right, Here Earbuds grant you the ability to pick and choose which sounds you want to hear, making the world your audio oyster. Imagine you’re in a noisy, crowded public space like a subway station and you’re desperately trying to catch every detail of the latest, gripping episode of Serial. Well, Here Earbuds will let you tweak and tinker with sound frequencies so you can completely drown out the annoying commuter barking in their cell phone in order to clearly hear Sarah Koenig’s reporting as if she were speaking to you one-on-one.

Here Earbuds aren’t just for filtering out noises you don’t want to hear, but enhancing the ones that you want to. There are a variety of built-in presets that work to duplicate and mimic the acoustics of some of the world’s most famous music venues. This feature can basically transport wearers into the environment of Carnegie Hall or a dubstep fueled EDM festival simply through the power of audio.

As of now, early Kickstarter investors, Coachella attendees and professional musicians like Quincy Jones are the sole people who have access to Doppler Labs’ prototype buds while the device remains in beta. The hope is that their feedback will work out any kinks in order for the product to be fully functional and top-notch by the time it hits the market, hopefully by the end of the year. With a projected price of no more than $300 and a not at all shabby look, Here Earbuds could very well stage a coup in the audio world, invading the ears of audiophiles everywhere within the year.

Here Active Listening app

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