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Hollywood is a fickle and pricey business. A typical movie production budget from Tinseltown is easily in the tens of millions, and that’s not even close to the dollar amount backing summer blockbusters. So what’s a novice or emerging filmmaker to do when it comes to getting their vision filmed and shown on the silver screen without breaking the bank? These days, it usually means turning to drones. The relative low cost and accessibility of drones and drone technology is allowing smaller, independent films and productions to take flight, literally!

There’s no denying the capabilities of drones for capturing and filming aerial footage. Many big-budget movies and television shows like Mission Impossible and Game of Thrones have surrendered to drone technology, employing drone-mounted cameras to capture awe-inspiring aerial shots, rather than relying on helicopter film crews. This traditional method of shooting aerial footage is not only much more expensive than using drones, but the sheer amount of noise helicopters create can be detrimental to filming. On the flip side, drones are inexpensive, small, quiet and fairly simple to operate. With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder independent and first-time filmmakers are swearing by drones in order to create their movies.

Utilizing drone technology for filmmaking gives power back to the layman, allowing them to forgo the massive budgets most Hollywood films require in order to fulfill their creative visions. Drones are making it easier and cheaper than ever for wannabe filmmakers and artists to actually go about making movies and documentaries, leveling the playing field between bigwig movie studios and visionaries with stories they’re itching to tell. For all the controversy surrounding drones, these devices have far-reaching applications in many different arenas. Shots and footage that would completely floor audiences in a massive big budget film can now be filmed with a little practice and few hundred dollars worth of equipment. And here you thought drones were merely childish playthings.

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