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What if there was a kit of components that could completely revamp your house, make it hella smart and get everything in your abode connected to the Internet of Things? Sounds like some project you’d find on Kickstarter, right? Well, you’d be correct, but this kit actually exists! Domotics Kit, created by Wave4U, offers complete solutions based on Arduino, Raspberry and Udoo development boards so that people can easily design, prototype and create interactive projects or environments in their own homes.

What does all this techno mumbo jumbo mean? Essentially, this kit comes complete with a bunch of components that can turn your dumb, drab house or apartment into a fully functional smart house by creating projects and integrating objects with technology that will connect them to the Internet of Things, allowing items in your house to interact with each other and perform functions all on their own. With Domotics Kit, you can pretty much make any device in your house smart (not people, though).

As an open platform, Domotics Kit allows users to tailor these projects and their environment to match whatever their creative minds can think up, designing unique smart networks and environments that will turn your living space into a unique, one-of-a-kind technologic marvel. The kit is powered by the Telecontrolli ceramic-based RF system, which helps you control devices and connect them together to form a cohesive network that runs throughout your house. The KOSMO web server will connect this network to the Internet, giving you the ability to control any connected and smart device you create through the kit from your laptop, tablet or smartphone any time, anywhere. Backers of the Domotics Kit Kickstarter can start outfitting their houses for the future come June 2016.

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