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The latest and smallest drone has finally hit the market and the technology it packs does not disappoint. The DJI Spark is the most compact and portable drone to hit the shelves. Weighing roughly 0.5 pounds and as tall as your typical smartphone, the Spark is truly the most advanced compact drone. Now, just because it is tiny, it doesn’t mean that it lost all of it’s awesome technology.

Photo via DJI

On the contrary, the Spark now boasts Quick Launch with FaceAware technology that automatically detects your face and lifts off from the palm of your hand. By turning on the drone with the camera facing you and clicking the power button twice, the Spark will automatically detect your face and hover in front of you.

Photo via DJI

In addition, DJI has added the new feature of PalmControl, where the Spark follows your hand movements. By moving your hand to the left, the Spark will automatically fly to the left. Or, if you want it to fly further away to capture an epic selfie, simply wave at the Spark and it will fly further and higher to snap a quick selfie.

Photo via RC Geeks

The high-performance camera takes amazing images and glossy, stabilized video. Utilizing a mechanical 2-axis gimbal, 1/2.3″ sensor, and UltraSmooth technology, the Spark definitely packs a punch when it comes to camera quality. You can capture stills in 12 MP and stabilized video at 1080p. With the added feature of ShallowFocus and 3D vision, the camera is now able to take shallow depth of field images, making your bokeh shots even more impressive.

Photo via The Gadget Flow

Just like the Mavic and Phantom series, the Spark also includes worry-free flight. If the battery gets too low, connection is lost, or you hit RTH (return-to-home), the Spark will automatically fly to its takeoff location with obstacle sensing enabled.

Now, after flying the Spark for a weekend, I was able to deduce that this drone is an excellent way for a beginner to get into the drone market. With intuitive controls and ease of mind by being able to launch it within a mere 15 seconds, the drone is a great accessory to take to the park, on a hike, or even a birthday party. I was able to pull it out of my backpack and launch it from the palm of my hand within 15 seconds and automatically tell it to take a selfie. Sure it might not be as fast as your smartphone, but being able to take an aerial photograph will truly trump any basic selfie.

Photo via Time Magazine

As for performance, the Spark did relatively well, living up to its 15 minute battery life. From the times I flew it, the battery lasted anywhere between 12-15 minutes, but if I was flying in windy conditions, I did see my battery die out at roughly 10 minutes. Due to its compact size and lightweight body, the Spark did have to use a little more energy to battle the gusts of San Francisco.

At the end of my trials with the Spark, I determined this is another fantastic drone made by DJI. The setup is a breeze and the performance is worthy of many accolades. The technology built into the Spark for its compact size is truly advanced, making it easy for a beginner to fly. If you are looking for more professional shots, the DJI Phantom 4 Pro is your best bet, but if you want a drone that you can take to the park and get cool snaps, the Spark is your go to.

Try renting the DJI Spark from Lumoid to experience the greatness yourself. I guarantee you will be blown away!



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