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With aerial photography on the rise, companies like DJI, 3DR, and Parrot have been scrambling to create the one drone that will outperform its competitors. It must be sleek, it must be sophisticated, and most importantly, it must be easy to fly! There have been countless times where a news headline would read, “Drone Crashes Into Plane” or even, “Drone Flies Over Restricted Airspace.” We are now in a time where autonomy can be great for a diversifying industry, but also futile if in the wrong hands. This is where DJI has promised a drone to make autonomy and controlled flight a walk in the park by introducing the Phantom 4. With added features like visual tracking, sport mode, and sense and avoid, DJI has now made drone flight that much easier!

phantom 4 with case


There is one phrase, and three words that can sum up the Phantom 4’s greatness. Sense and avoid. The Phantom 4 is the first commercial drone on the market today that boasts the advanced feature of sense and avoid. What I mean by that is, if you tell the drone to fly straight at a tree, it will automatically know to either stop in front of the tree, or autonomously fly around it! Drone lovers are stating that this drone is now ‘dummy proof’ meaning the two forward facing optical sensors make sure that you do not run into anything that approaches the drone.

phantom 4 case

With all these new computer vision upgrades, the user interface has also reached new heights. With TapFly and ActiveTrak, the user now can tell the drone to fly to a specific location on their mobile device while controlling the camera, or even track your friend mountain biking through the rugged trails of the Sierra Nevadas. By also increasing the battery life from 23 to 28 minutes, you now have yourself a little bit more flying time.

Furthermore, with the addition of Sport Mode, the Phantom 4 can now fly up to 45 mph! With the high rate GPS accuracy of Positioning mode, Sport Mode will allow the Phantom to tilt more thereby producing more thrust.

phantom 4 setup


Honestly, there are not many flaws with DJI’s new rendition. It finally has the feature that all consumers wanted, sense and avoid. With 56% less chromatic aberration in 4K video and 36% less lens distortion, everything has been upgraded for the Phantom 4. Now, while DJI does state that battery life has increased to 28 minutes, it ultimately depends on how abruptly you fly the drone and external conditions such as heavy gusts or winds.


Bottom Line

The Phantom 4 is currently the best drone on the market for beginner and advanced fliers. With new visionary intelligence and advanced software algorithms, DJI has made this drone not only for commercial photography, but also for a hobbyist looking to fulfil the adventure seeking thrill of snowboarding in the Rockies or even tracking a buddy soaring through the air on their mountain bike.

The DJI Phantom 4 is now ready to to grab out of box and start flying! Get it here.

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