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It was only a matter of time before drones reached the level of popularity and ubiquity they’ve obtained in 2015 to merit the desire and demand for a retail store catering to drones and drones alone. Thankfully for drone lovers everywhere, DJI, the Chinese technology company and world leader in all things drones and quadcopters, has launched its first flagship drone store in China.

Coming in at a whopping 8,600 square feet and constructed with an alluring combination of glass and metal, the DJI store resembles a giant UAV, almost like a temple or shrine commemorating and celebrating all things drone. The company’s base in Shenzhen is also home to the store, which features a high-ceiling testing area for all types of drones, as well as a lounge and theatre.

Interior DJI drone store

Not only can people come to gawk over a store solely built to peddle drones, they can watch certified pilots test out the drone selections, getting people giddy enough to make those purchases. It doubles as both a store and a theme park of sorts, all centered around the massively popular devices that have taken the world by storm. The store’s specific arsenal of drones that are on display and available for sale include Inspire 1, Matrice 100 and the Phantom 3. DJI also plans to use the store to launch a demo for its Ronin handheld gimbal and 4K Osmo camera.

The opening of such a massive store marks the cherry on top of a magnificent few years for the company. DJI is arguably the most renowned and visible company within the drone industry, worth a hefty $8 billion and raking in $500 million from drone sales alone. This store is just further proof that drones aren’t some fading tech fad. These gizmos are here to stay, or rather, fly into homes worldwide.

DJI drones

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