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Drone pilots need to be careful of when, where and how they fly their drones, thanks to government regulations from the FAA mandating appropriate and legal drone usage. This especially rings true for novice drone pilots and owners who may not be familiar with the regulations imposed upon them and their UAVs. One of the main driving reasons for government regulation on drone flight is the risk and danger drones can pose when flying too close to what the FAA has designated “no fly zones.” These include everything from airports, prisons, nuclear power plants and the vaguely defined “national security events.” Leading drone manufacturer DJI is looking to make it easier for drone pilots to ensure their drones don’t stick their propellers where they don’t belong.

Utilizing geo-fencing technology, several drone makers, including DJI, have made it easier for pilots to avoid obstacles in a drone’s flight path that might cause it to crash, such as trees and other buildings. DJI’s recent update of their geo-fencing tech will prove even more useful in helping drones steer clear of these aforementioned “no fly zones” as well. Available through the DJI GO app, the GEO System highlights restrictions around locales deemed unsafe or unsuitable for drone flight, and even automatically updates this list with any temporary restrictions that may be enacted, for events like sports or wildfires.

There are also certain locations that can be unlocked to accommodate drone flight. For example, a certified drone pilot with a verified DJI account can “unlock” their drone and lift the restriction on its use near and around airports. Still, there are locations like our nation’s capital, which raise such high national security concerns that they are permanently restricted no matter what. These updates in geo-fencing technology are all in efforts to promote safe, responsible drone piloting for both drone owners and the public. Compatible with the Inspire, Phantom 3 Advanced, Phantom 3 Professional and Phantom 4 models, DJI drone owners simply need to update the DJI GO app and firmware for their drone and controller to access the new geo-fencing tech.

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