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It’s not exactly a dating service, but DJI’s latest app is bound to facilitate many a match. The world’s leading drone manufacturer has launched DJI+Discover, a revamped version of their DJI Store app available on Android and iOS. This app will enable anyone to create personalized profiles and connect with fellow drone lovers and enthusiasts, leading to drone connections around the world. Whether users swipe left or right on other drone lovers in order to swap drone tips and secrets, host drone flight gatherings, rant and rave about their favorite pastime or find the dronehead of their wildest dreams to settle down with, DJI+Discover will serve as the cupid of the drone world.

Like any great locational-based app that wants to literally match with you someone next door to you, when opened DJI+Discover will launch a map of your surrounding area with pin drops that indicate where other drone enthusiasts are located. In order to remain on the same page about your drone-based match, the app possesses three filters for the types of drone users you want to potentially interact with: Social, Professional and All. If you’re open to anything under the sun, the “All” filter is for you. People who just want to hang out and maybe fly or flirt with another drone owner will obviously select “Social,” while the “Professional” filter is geared towards photographers or pilots with significant drone experience that want to offer their services to consumers.

In efforts to facilitate great drone meet-ups and dates, the app will also indicate great areas and spots where drones can be flown. Additional features include a shortcut to DJI’s online retailer and an “Experience” section that identifies nearby drone events and brick-and-mortar stores. Users also have the ability to upload and submit photos of their drones looking super fly and sexy. Though be careful, the last thing you want is to be catfished by a Phantom 3 masquerading as a Phantom 4. Currently, the app is available to drone lovers in the US, UK, Australia, Germany and Spain. As for the rest of you, it looks like you’re stuck with online drone forums for the time being.

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