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The Consumer Electronics Show is the gift that keeps on giving for techies worldwide. Because we know you can’t get enough CES goodies, here are a few more imaging treasures worth noting from the busy and typically crowded CES show floor.

Canon’s Cool Portable Printer

selphy-cp1200-black-3q-sample-hiRes copy

While it wasn’t an earth shattering CES for Canon, their new Selphy dye-sub printer, the CP1200, is by far the slickest home printer the company has ever produced. This one comes with an optional direct-attachable battery, which is sold separately and has the capacity to print 54 photos per charge. With card-size printing options, you can create pass cases, messages and decorated albums, with the option of adding white or black borders to the layout. Add in some fun crafty features for creating and gifting keepsakes, mementos and souvenirs, and it looks like we’ve got a winner on our hands. Canon also added some connection flexibility by utilizing a variety of preferences, including SD card, Wi-Fi, USB memory and USB cords – this thing is good to go in just about any environment. Best of all is the relatively cheap price tag: $105.

Live Streaming Movi Cam

Movi Cam

The folks from Livestream demonstrated a very slick live event camera in Movi, a new kind of camera for live video recording. Movi is essentially a little box with a built-in 4K HD camera for live streaming events like weddings and conferences. Movi helps busy consumers, organizations and event producers seamlessly share the engaging stories of their live events by putting the power and capabilities of a multi-camera production studio in their fingertips. “You can control everything from the phone, and have the camera right where the action is,” Max Haot, founder of Livestream, told us. A new direction for the “storytellers” among us, and at $399, well within their reach.

16-Len Lens Camera

Light-L16-Android-camera-front-and-back-840x454 copy

From a start-up company calling themselves Light comes the L16 Camera, the world’s first 16-lens, pocket-friendly model the company refers to as a “DSLR alternative.” Light tells us that the L16 essentially provides the quality and control of a DSLR and the convenience of a smartphone. You’re looking at a multi-aperture, computational camera that uses multiple small cameras and sensors that remain permanently integrated into the body, as opposed to DSLRs that use interchangeable lenses. The camera captures images at 52 megapixel resolution with those 16 lenses – five at 70mm focal length, five at 35mm and six at 150 mm. The L16 can use at least 10 of these cameras simultaneously to shoot one photograph using a variety of focal lengths.

Toss in 4K videos and a large 5-inch touchscreen display, and what you’ve ultimately got is a very user-friendly interface that makes the L16 incredibly easy to use. The L16 also comes with Wi-Fi for connectivity and runs the Android operating system, allowing you to instantly share what you have captured with your 16 lenses directly to social media straight from the camera. The rectangular, smartphone-esque design is familiar enough, but all those lenses does take some getting used to.

The Fly Part II


As the panorama craze continues to catch fire, the 360fly wowed with its 360-degree panoramic image capture capability. You can even preview the live video you capture directly from an app on your smartphone and once it’s captured, it’s easy to edit and share the footage as well. This is an upgrade to an earlier Fly that now offers 4K video and 32GB of onboard memory. This version now shoots at 4 times the res of the previous model. Add a new time-lapse mode that offers intervals of 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60-seconds, and the 360fly is a nice step up. The camera uses a single f/2.5 fixed aperture lens, and the panorama scenes it captures require no stitching. ($499)

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