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In news that should come as relief to those afflicted with phobias of drones thanks to dastardly fear mongers, a new system is being unveiled that promises the ability to disable and take control of rogue drones that you may happen upon. Its name is SkySafe, and it’s here to help patrol the skies for unfriendly aircraft and return some power back into the hands of us helpless, ground-dwelling denizens of the world.

The San Diego-based company, which recently raised $3 million in funding, developed SkySafe as a system to combat rogue drones by wirelessly identifying these potential threats and taking control of them in midair in order to either safely land them like a decent person who has respect for people’s personal property, or to simply turn them off and let them fall to their death like a person with no f*cks left to give after someone tries to infringe on their privacy or take their heads off with an out of control drone.

This drone disabling system can be accessed and operated through smartphones and tablets, incorporating a SkySafe app that will utilize the program’s radio signals to detect and communicate with drones, giving you the ability, at your fingertips, to disable or take control of any drones you encounter. What’s not clear is how SkySafe determines what classifies as a “rogue” drone, and what could stop this kind of technology from simply commandeering any old drone in the sky, rogue or otherwise. We’ll leave those pesky ethical and legal questions to the experts. For now, you can watch SkySafe in action through the video below.

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