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Technology is changing the way campers are exploring the outdoors. The wilderness can be incredibly unforgiving, even to experts with years of survival training. Staying alive requires ingenuity and having the right tools to sustain life.

With that in mind, below are four modern camping tools for a safe, fun and exciting outdoor experience.

Fogo Adventure Stick

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 6.01.31 PM

Fogo is the ultimate outdoor gadget for campers. The small digital, handheld stick is a combination of essential camping tools. With a built-in GPS, you can track speed, distance covered during hikes and times between summits. It also serves as a nifty power bank for other electronics. Energy-saving features conserve power by automatically adjusting the brightness of the panel based on natural light levels.

If you’re camping with a group, the Walkie-Talkie SmartCap allows everyone to communicate in real-time through voice, text and data. This device is designed to withstand harsh outdoor elements with its waterproof capabilities and durable aluminum case.

KaliPAK Portable Solar Generator


Today’s camping tools require constant battery power. This becomes an issue when you’re planning a five or seven-day trip. The KaliPAK solves such problems by turning solar energy into power that is both usable and storable. When fully charged, the device has the ability to replenish an iPhone 100 times (KaliPak 601 model)! There are four USB ports attached to the box, so you could conveniently power multiple gadgets simultaneously.

The official KaliPAK app monitors your consumption and tells you how much juice is left in the massive solar power bank. If you live in an area that is prone to bad weather and electricity outages, having one of these around is a must.

Fontus Self-filling Bottle


In addition to battery power, access to adequate drinking water determines how far a hiker can go without going back to the campsite. Sure, there’s the infamous Lifestraw, but it’s useless without a water source. Now outdoor enthusiasts have the ability to venture into the wild without worrying about running out of water using the Fontus self-filling bottle.

The life-saving device works by collecting water molecules from the air. Once trapped, it passes through a filter, making it instantly drinkable. No batteries are required to power the gadget because it runs on solar power. Under the right conditions, the revolutionary water-collecting tool generates .5 liters per hour. Ideally, one would attach the harvester on a bike, just below the seat. If you like camping in humid locations, this gadget can sustain your thirst for water and adventure.

Sonim XP7


Mainstream smartphones aren’t made for camping. Strapping on a waterproof case might help, but it’s still helpless against shock and extreme temperatures. If you absolutely need to have a mobile phone for your trip, try the Sonim XP7. The Android device is suited up like a tank and lasts for a solid three days on a single charge using a 4800mAh battery. With an IP68 water rating, you don’t have to worry about crossing rivers or accidentally splashing water on your pants. Lastly, the Sonim XP7 comes with a reliable three-year warranty. Within the warranty guidelines, the company offers full replacement for broken units.

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