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French designer Pauline Deltour dropped a new line of modern, minimalist mobile devices for Lexon this month. The collection, Fine, includes a portable, rechargeable Bluetooth speaker, a credit card holder/mirror duo, mini USB and key rings and compact power banks. The sleek design of the gadgets strikes a balance between fashionable and professional. All of the devices come in gunmetal silver, burgundy, gold and navy.


The power bank slides open and shut, and features an elastic band that holds a phone charger cable. At less than 3.5” long, it’s more compact than the iPhone 6, and is small enough to slip into a pocket or purse.


The mini, portable Bluetooth speakers look like boom boxes of the future. The glossy sheen, ribbed exterior and sleek design are reminiscent of the disco era, but the overall style is modern and chic. The speakers turn on by twisting the bottom and are small enough to fit in the palm of a hand. Sound is emitted from the top through micro-perforations, and weighing less than half a pound, they’re uber-portable.


The minimalist key and USB rings will keep you organized without taking up any space. The USB is ultra small, and with four different color options, will match the keys, gadgets and purses you already own. At 1.7” in diameter, the rings are a perfect size to hold all of your keys and comfortably slip a finger through.
The cardholder features a two-compartment interior divided by a circular mirror. The box snaps open and shut and has space for multiple credit cards, IDs and business cards. The cardholder is compact and will keep you organized, as well as looking good.

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