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Sifting through thousands of wedding photos is an overwhelming task for any photographer, and editing hundreds of those photos to match can be an even bigger struggle. That’s where Lightroom filters can be a huge time saver for anyone editing a large number of similar images. You don’t have to fork over a bunch of money on pre-made Lightroom filters. With a few simple adjustments and a little experimentation, you can create your own Lightroom filter to use for all of your wedding and engagement shoots.

Start by opening one of your wedding images in Lightroom. This image already looks pretty good, but I want to add some warmth and depth to give the picture a more romantic mood.

Start by increasing the Tint slider toward the Magenta side about +15. This will take some of the overwhelming green tones out of the picture. Then bump up the Exposure slightly and increase Contrast to about +20. You can always go back and continue tweaking these settings later on.

Increase the Temp to around +7 to make the colors of the image more yellow than blue. Pull down the Highlights slowly to bring more detail back into any blown out bright spots. Then pull down the Shadows and Blacks to bring deeper tones and a greater sense of intimacy to the picture.

Now we’re going to go down to Split Toning, which is where you can make some drastic changes to the hues of the image. Bump up the Saturation slider in the Highlights section to about 20. Then start playing around with the Hue slider until your image takes on a rosier hue. Your slider will probably end up in the orange or yellow section of the gradient.

Do the same thing with the Shadows slider, but experiment with the tones on the opposite side of the gradient, in the blues and purples. This will give your image a nice quality of contrast in terms of color as well as highlights and shadows.

Next, go to the HSL section and open the Saturation settings. If your images are against a natural, green background, pull down the green tones. If your subjects’ skin looks like it’s glowing, pull down the Orange and Yellow sliders slightly. Play around with the other colors until your image has the tones and hues you like.

Go back to the basic editor and make any additional exposure adjustments. For this image, I’m going to bump down the Shadows and Blacks even more.

Then go all the way down to Camera Calibration, and tweak the Green and Blue Primary sliders until the tones work well with your image. I’m bumping the Hue of the Green slider to +29 to make the greens more blue rather than yellow. I’m also increasing the Blue slider to +7 to make the blues less green.

Finally in the Presence section, increase the Clarity slider to about +10 and the Vibrance to about +20. Make any final adjustments to the Basic editing section.

Then scroll over the menu on the lefthand side of the program. Click on the plus sign above all of the listed Lightroom Filters and Presets.

Change the name of the Preset to Wedding, and make sure all of the edits you want carried over to other images are checked, then click Create. Now your Preset will be saved under User Presets, and all you have to do is simply pull up the other photos you want to have the same effects, and click on your Wedding preset in the menu. From there you can make individual edits while still maintaining a uniform look for the entire album or gallery.

Cut your editing time in half with this simple technique – editing wedding pics has never been easier.


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