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It’s not always easy to express feelings, let alone put pen to paper and document the emotional jubilation or turmoil you may be experiencing. Music, however, is universally accepted as a way of conveying emotion, thought and feeling through the tone and sentiment that can be elicited through sound and melody. That idea powers Cove, an app created to serve as a makeshift musical journal for those who want to express their emotions.


Created by Ivor Williams and Alex Rother, Cove was actually a therapeutic experience for the innovators after both experienced tragedy and loss. Williams and Rother lost friends to suicide and a car accident respectively when they were teenagers, and being affected and impacted by death at such a young age can have paralyzing consequences on one’s mental and emotional state. The hope behind Cove is that people, particularly those emotionally tormented kids and teens out there, can utilize the app to privately express their feelings in a healthy and meaningful manner.

Built around the foundation of musical theory, Cove offers six evolving sounds as a starting point for expressing your feelings and mood. These sounds can be built upon and altered in tone to achieve some surprisingly polished melodies, without users needing to be expert music producers. The hope is that people who have complex emotions and maybe don’t quite know how to articulate them, or simply can’t find the words to give them meaning, can create sounds and tones that provide an outlet and cathartic expression of what they’re feeling.


There are four base moods to choose from: playful, calm, longing and struggling. Acting as starting points for your musical creation, these can be altered and manipulated to become sweeping musical expressions. Meanwhile, the display on the app while the melodies play mirrors the appearance of water. When actively changing your song by tapping the screen, each tap appears as stones in the water, creating a makeshift digital cove.


Engineered by social technology company Human Engineering, this unique and innovative app offers a digital and auditory outlet that far surpasses the constraints of your typical journal or diary entry. The fact that you can express your thoughts and feelings through the marvel of electronic music only adds to Cove’s novelty and appeal. If you’ve got some things you need to work out and want to create a bombastic melody that embodies all that you’ve bottled up without having to have the musical chops of a maestro like Pharrell, Cove is for you.

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