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One bride and groom decided to do away with the “take home a centerpiece” giveaway at their wedding, and instead gifted attendees (and each other) with a technologically savvy wedding gift: an immortalization of their nuptials in virtual reality. Taking the wedding video idea to a completely new level, newlyweds Daniel and Ilana captured their entire wedding in sweeping, immersive, 360-degree virtual reality. The couple hired Florida-based startup YouVisit to make their virtual reality matrimonial dreams an actual reality, creating what essentially amounts to a virtual reality time capsule of their wedding that they can literally experience over and over again.

vr wed 1

“As we started to plan the wedding, it became clear we needed something that could truly capture everything about the day, in a way we could enjoy many times over,” Daniel told CNN Money. “My wife, who has watched the video many times already, cries every time. There are things that would have gone unnoticed because we were so wrapped up in the moment, but it feels like a whole new day every time we step into the virtual environment.” The filming of their wedding in virtual reality ended up being a natural progression of how tech has fueled and defined their relationship since the very beginning – the couple spotted each other on Tinder, but Ilana did not return Daniel’s approving right swipe. However, Daniel remembered they had met at a mutual friend’s wedding and was able to track her down and ask her out. Ah, modern romance!

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To capture their wedding in stunning virtual reality, a small team from YouVisit was among attendance and set up cameras at specific points around the venue. The startup compiled all of the footage they captured into one expansive virtual reality representation, releasing the footage online so the couple could share it with friends and family and they could view it on their computers, smartphones or other devices. This isn’t the first time at the rodeo for YouVisit – the VR startup has created upwards of 1,000 different interactive, immersive VR experiences, ranging from weddings to athletic showings to musical festivals and performances. The process isn’t necessarily a cheap one, but if you’ve got the funds, why not preserve a monumental life moment in re-livable virtual reality?

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