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One of the latest efforts from a Montreal-based company called 3DRiTEK offers something a bit different to the wearable camera realm with its third-eye concept. In this incarnation, their 3RDi camera has essentially been placed in the middle of what amounts to a plastic headband. Granted, it’s not the most fashionable headband you’ll ever see, but we’re sure the product’s designers will have other plans to address that once they bring this puppy to market.


Simply tapping the left side of this camera band will capture a still photo while firing off the built-in flash. Tapping the right side shoots a shot without illumination. Capturing video is done by sliding your finger forward on either side to begin recording and by sliding backwards to stop. The HD camera also features auto-focus, a wide-angle view, built-in mic, Bluetooth connectivity and a micro USB port, as well as a companion app for instantly uploading your unfolding adventures to social media.

The product is currently in the fundraiser stage on Indiegogo with a price tag of $194 for early supporters. Again, there’s been a bushel of these wearable cameras of late, but this one, with its more unobtrusive design, might give GoPro a run for its money.

Reigning Champs

With GoPro dominating the wearable camera market, the notion of slaying the giant is a tall order. However, if the folks at 3DRiTEK can keep their camera in the $200 range they, can make a serious play in this space. There is definitely a large demographic out there that isn’t sliding down mountains and roaring around on dirt bikes that would buy an inconspicuous, wearable camera to record the less adventurous moments in their lives.

Narrative Clip 2 wearable camera

Narrative Clip 2 wearable camera

Day in the Life

For example, last year a company called Narrative made a bit of splash with their Clip 2 wearable camera – a wireless (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth) model that “clips” to your shirt and automatically captures an image every 30 seconds (you can manually tap it to trigger the shutter as well) creating a visual record of your activities for the day. They also added a “public moments” app that allows you to instantly share these moments with other Clip owners. The Clip 2 also features an 8MP sensor, a wide-angle lens with an 86-degree field of view, and yes, a price point in that aforementioned $200 range. Check out our interview with co-founder, Oskar Kalmaru.

More Camera Tech Coming

Samsung may reportedly debut a Google Glass-like product at CES this year that would feature 3D cameras and augmented reality/holography capability. Meanwhile Intel, always a company worth keeping an eye on, is working with their RealSense imaging technology that includes the ability for the camera to sense objects in front of them, enabling it to actually move around them (think self-flying drone cams) and also create 3D scans and maps as it captures images.

Intel's RealSense imaging tech will allow cameras to actually sense an object in front of them.

Intel’s RealSense imaging tech will allow cameras to actually sense an object in front of them.

Intel is expected to demo the RealSense imaging tech at the 2016 CES in a new smart mirror (developed with a company called Memoi) that will be available at high-end retailers like Neiman Marcus. These mirrors can superimpose different color options on clothing, so you can try on a red jacket and have it change colors to see how that same jacket looks on you in blue, black or purple. When you’re done trying it on, you can share the images and videos with friends so they can help you decide what’s the best color and fit.

Bottom line: the news on the consumer imaging tech front continues to astound and intoxicate us all with its infinite possibilities. Be on the look out for these new products in the coming year!

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