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In the last century, mankind perfected numerous designs. The basic components of a delicious apple pie, the amount of sugar in disposable packets and the configuration of computer keyboards all have a standard formula that most people simply don’t question. This is because they have been optimized for everyday living, like the traditional watch.

Recently, EdgeGear, a California-based startup, started doubting the iconic timepiece design. The humble wrist band is all people know when it comes to watches. Of course there was the pocket watch that was eventually phased out due to its flawed, inaccessible features. The group does not plan on bringing those back. Instead, it wants to relocate the watch head to a more available position.


The Sweet Spot

The company calls this newfound space the “sweet spot” of watch placement. To be exact, the spot is located between your wrist and the base of your thumb. By moving your timepiece there, you can look down and immediately see everything on the screen. Traditional watch design forces you to twist your wrist before looking at the head. According to EdgeGear, this is a huge time waster.

“Move the watch from where it has been located since World War I to a spot better suited to the torrent of information offered by today’s watches,” explained James Gilmore, co-founder of EdgeGear, when asked about the design of the watch. “A spot that is more ergonomic. Oh, and while doing so, make a band that is lighter than any other. Maybe one more thing: design a band that doesn’t release a river of sweat when you wear it.”

To accomplish this, the startup released a strap that you can attach to existing fitness trackers and smartwatches, like the Apple Watch, Pebble, Garmin and the Moto360. Those are the types of devices that go well with the accessory. It’s not designed for the office, where you need your hand to perform meticulous tasks. Having this on all day will likely leave a distracting mark from the band, and writing with the gear seems to be extremely difficult. So yeah, it’s only for cyclists and sports enthusiasts.

Surprisingly, the gadget works on both hands. A quick reconfiguration allows you to switch back and forth when you’re on the go. Another plus is its ability to track heart rates from the unconventional position. The group can only confirm this for the Apple Watch though. You may need to conduct your own tests if you’re planning on using a different type of head. With durability in mind, the accessory is made out of silicone rubber and die-cast zinc, making it very waterproof.


Ordering Information

Those who are interested in adding the modern strap to their collection of watch bands can order one from the company’s Kickstarter page. The device is currently going for $30 (all of the Early Bird slots are taken). Pledging $10,000 will let you jump on as a distributor if you want to sell the band at your store. Deliveries for the orders on Kickstarter are scheduled for March 2016.

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