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Leave it to a hardcore gamer to figure out how to take an impractical device made as a novelty collector’s item and refigure it into something truly extraordinary. Engineer Nolan Moore has taken Nintendo’s Power Glove, inspired by a similar device in The Wizard, and completely transformed it into a  whisperer. That’s right, Moore took the peripheral of Nintendo’s Power Glove, which is nothing more than a hand-mounted NES controller, and retooled it to create a gesture-based controller that can actually control a Parrot AR drone.

Using this modified Power Glove, Moore was able to guide and direct the quadcopter around with his hands. While the device is essentially the Nintendo Power Glove, Moore had to completely strip the interior of the device and replace that old school tech with more modern control boards. He also included Wi-Fi transmitters and flex sensors in the fingers of the glove, allowing him to use subtle hand motions to control a drone. You can read more about his project by visiting his blog. Moore debuted his feat of wonder at the Bay Area Maker Faire in May, and you can check out footage of his undeniably cool device in action below.

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