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Adult coloring books have been burgeoning in popularity recently, and for good reason – coloring is just plain fun! For those of us without an ounce of artistic talent, we can at least pretend to be auteurs of color by using our creativity to color in clearly drawn out images (staying within the lines is a whole other beast). Coloring books are also just a very relaxing activity. During the chaos of finals during undergrad, my roommate and I would take study breaks by coloring pages in various coloring books we had on hand, ripping them out and hanging them in our hallway to create a very sad, college version of a prestigious wing in an art museum.

So in news that should come as no surprise, and can undoubtedly be filed under the category of “Next-Level Narcissism,” a new kind of adult coloring book has been created that allows people to turn their Instagram photos into pages that they can color. Dubbed “Color Me Book,” creator Cory Will was surprised to discover that a service like this didn’t already exist, especially considering how vain millennials can be. “I thought it would be awesome to upload photos and make my own personalized adult coloring book,” Will told Buzzfeed. “I was shocked I couldn’t find it anywhere…. so I decided to build a website to see what kind of response we would get.”

Color Me Book is a relatively simple service to use. All wannabe colorists have to do is upload five of their Instagram photos or screenshots into the service. These photos are then hand traced in order to create pages you can print out into your very own coloring book that’s all about you, you, you! Color Me Book does have a stockpile of previously prepared coloring books, but why on Earth would you want to color someone else’s face/pet/lunch/shitty apartment/etc. when you can color your own? Of course, the most meta of all meta things one can do with Color Me Book is color one of their Instagram photos, take a photo of it, post it to Instagram, turn that photo into a coloring page and then color it. I’ll leave you to pick up the pieces of your blown mind.

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