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In Japan, there’s a solution for every problem you can think of. Chindogu is a Japanese term that refers to the art of creating gadgets with useful and eccentric elements.

Below is a compilation of the smartest, upbeat inventions from the Land of the Rising Sun.


Umbrella Tie

The umbrella tie adds functionality to your formal attire. With the jacket closed, no one at the office will ever know that you’re always ready for a rainy day. This invention also puts an end to the missing umbrella ritual you struggle with on a daily basis before leaving for work.


Noodle Guard

Eating a bowl of hot, tasty noodles usually comes with some unwanted splash back. One wrong slurp can ruin your shirt. Unfortunately, a makeshift napkin bib only works for your clothes but not for your hair. For complete ramen protection, someone came up with the noodle guard. As an added bonus, it also prevents hair from falling into your food. This could easily be the most useful invention on the list.


Sound Catcher Pillow

At the end of the day, the last thing you want to do is sit upright while watching TV. The problem is, your favorite side position covers your good ear and you can’t hear anything coming out of the speakers. Instead of cranking the volume up, the sound catcher pillow creates space between your helpless, covered ear and the floor. As a result, sound waves flow smoothly into both earholes.


Itchy Back Grid

An itchy back is a mysterious ailment without an easy cure. Asking a friend for help just adds more frustration to the issue, especially when you can’t quite decide where the itch is coming from. The itchy back grid is the most accurate way to get rid of persistent, unreachable tickles. Hardcore Battleship fans need no explanation- simply point at the grid, match the point on the shirt and your friend will do the rest for you.


Baby Mop

Babies crawl everywhere. It’s their most favorite thing to do until they learn how to walk. On the other end of the spectrum, your house is dirty. Ever since a baby entered your life, your floor has turned into a magnet for multi-colored stains. What if you could get your baby to clean up once in awhile? Now you can with the baby onesie mop. It turns your little one into a natural Roomba.


360 Camera Rig

Before the GoPro 360 camera, there was this rig. The disposable camera setup comes with a manual remote that triggers each shooter. To get a full, complete shot, you would need to use both hands to set off the cameras simultaneously.


Easy-to-pass Mug

Accidental spills while passing around a hot beverage is part of life- it happens to everyone. To greatly reduce the risk of ruining one’s pants, a Japanese inventor strapped on several handles around a cup, allowing grips from multiple angles. For clumsy individuals, the extra handles offer the possibility of supporting the cup with both hands.

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