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As much of the East Coast continues to thaw from Jonas, a massive blizzard that dropped upwards of 20 inches of snow and ice on places like New York City, life is beginning to return to some sense of normalcy. As many face the reality that their snow days have come to an end and those oh so unique Instagram photos of you out in the snow skiing down the streets trying to get the last package of Wonder Bread become rather moot, at least we have drones to thank for getting a better view of the impact the blizzard had on many eastern cities.

A little blizzard wasn’t gonna stop many from sending up their drones to capture all-encompassing photos and videos of their cities turned into white wastelands because of Jonas. A lot of this footage is hauntingly beautiful for its sheer scope and the almost utter lack of any signs of human life, as people were snowed in trying to keep warm while the outside world was a barren, winter wonderland. For those of you in other parts of the country who really didn’t understand all the fuss about some powdered, frozen water molecules falling from the sky, I think it’s safe to say drones have done a pretty good job at capturing images that showcase how crippling this snowpocalypse was. Start a fire, grab some hot cocoa and enjoy the view.

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