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20 Aug

Video Editing 101

There's a lot more that goes into editing video than editing still photographs. You have to consider which editing software to use, how to transfer clips from your camera to your computer and how to cut and combine those clips to create a final story. It can be an overwhelming process, but with a little patience and practice, you too can become a pro. First, it’s important to consider the basics. Welcome to Video Editing 101! Choosing Your Software Although all Macs come with the free video editing software, iMovie, something more advanced is usually preferable. Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere are both professional video editing programs that are fairly easy to use, but will cost you about $19.99 a...
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27 Jun

These Sunglasses Also Work as Bone-Conduction Headphones

Zungle Panther
Talk about a two-for-one! A recently launched Kickstarter known as Zungle Panther is hawking a pair of sunglasses complete with bone-conduction headphone technology. As a pair of wireless headphones, the Zungle sunglasses possess Bluetooth audio playback, built-in audio controls and microphone and even hands-free calling. Bone conduction is used to transmit the audio from the sunglasses into your ears, but without the restriction of in-ear devices that drown out the rest of the outside world. With Zungle, you can walk down the street in style, backed by the beat of your very own soundtrack!   Fans of Oakley shades should find plenty to love in the design and aesthetic of Zungle’s sunglasses. The lenses are comparable to the size of Oakley Frogskins,...
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17 Apr

Google’s Bipedal Robot Shows What the Future of Physical Labor Could Look Like

Google Schaft robot
Just get ready for work, work, work, work, work, robots of the world! Google’s Schaft robotics recently unveiled and showed off a bipedal, automaton robot at the New Economic Summit conference in Tokyo. This robot was built to perform, and essentially replace, humans in manual labor situations. A video shows the fairly unthreatening – and honestly kinda cute – robot walking in a number of different environments like the snow, a beach and rocky terrain, with surprising poise and ambulatory prowess. The dastardly filmmakers tried their best to trip up the robot’s impressive walking motions by rolling obstacles into its path, but the robot prevailed and stayed upright. The ease with which the robot can navigate treacherous terrain is all the...
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22 Jul

New Shark Repellent Technology Keeps Surfers Safe

The Discovery Channel recently held it's bi-annual Shark Week programming extravaganza this past month, and I don’t know about you, but there’s something truly fascinating about watching how fierce those 450 million year old apex predators of the deep truly are. However, to be caught in the mouth of one while finding the perfect wave - no thanks. Photo: So, in honor of swimming and surfing safety - a new shark-repellent technology product has been created called Shark Shield. The Australian company claims that with Shark Shield, they’ve replaced “fear with awe” and that it’s taken 20 years for the product to evolve into what it is today: a proven, reliable, and non-evasive shark deterrent technology. Photo: It also declares that users will have...
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14 Jul

Fly Around the City with the Portable Martin Jetpack

Martin jetpack front view
A set of portable rocket boosters can eliminate all of your transportation problems. To be more specific, the Martin jetpack is the ultimate solution to road congestion, complex transportation planning and inaccessible obstacles. Designed by Glenn Martin in the 1980s, the machine boasts several firsts in the personal aircraft space. It is one of the only viable alternatives to bulky helicopters. The flying vessel is also small enough to land on rooftops.  Monstrous Specs for a Compact Aircraft Under the hood, the aerial transportation pod runs on a 200-horsepower, V4 2.0L engine. At full capacity, it holds 45 liters of petrol for fuel. There are two powerful duct fans for air management and propulsion. The New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) registered aircraft can...
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8 Jul

New tech could put the brakes on drunk driving

Since the automobile was invented over a hundred years ago, it has been shown that alcohol and operating a motor vehicle (drunk driving) is a lethal combination. Driving under the influence (DUI) has one of the steepest penalties associated with driving infractions. According to the anti-drunk driving organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), approximately 10,000 people are killed yearly by drunk drivers and 290,000 more are injured. While the statistics vary with age, gender, and time of accident, the one fact most cannot ignore is the $199 billion annual price tag. With today's technology, there are solutions available to save money and put the brakes on an extremely dangerous decision that has proven time and again to be fatal. While some...
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6 Jul

Samsung Sets Out to Save Bad Drivers with Transparent Truck

Like a shining, beautiful angel descending from the ambrosia clouds of heaven, Samsung has introduced a saving grace product for all of you terrible drivers out there: a so-called “transparent” truck. At first glance, the connection between Samsung and a truck created to promote highway safety may seem disparate at best, but looking at the truck’s design and the technology that powers it, it fits more into the Korean tech company’s wheelhouse than you might think. Cameras and television screens, two of Samsung’s crowning products, combine to turn your average, everyday big-rig into a marvelous resource to aid the struggling driver trying to navigate those pesky, high-speed freeways. Dubbed the Samsung Safety Truck, the semi is equipped with a wireless camera...
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