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Category: Virtual Reality

19 Aug

Couple Immortalizes Their Nuptials with Virtual Reality

One bride and groom decided to do away with the “take home a centerpiece” giveaway at their wedding, and instead gifted attendees (and each other) with a technologically savvy wedding gift: an immortalization of their nuptials in virtual reality. Taking the wedding video idea to a completely new level, newlyweds Daniel and Ilana captured their entire wedding in sweeping, immersive, 360-degree virtual reality. The couple hired Florida-based startup YouVisit to make their virtual reality matrimonial dreams an actual reality, creating what essentially amounts to a virtual reality time capsule of their wedding that they can literally experience over and over again. “As we started to plan the wedding, it became clear we needed something that could truly capture everything about the...
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17 Aug

Xiaomi’s Mi VR Play Is a Quirky, Inexpensive Virtual Reality Headset

Arguably the main hurdle virtual reality technology has to overcome in order to reach the masses is the price tag. Leading virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive can go for close to $1000, and many mainstream consumers aren’t going to shell out a grand on technology they haven’t had much of a chance to interact with, let alone equipment that can be fairly cumbersome and requires a lot of space to take full advantage of. Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi understands this dilemma, releasing a lightweight, quirky and relatively inexpensive VR headset meant to assuage monetary concerns and attract the curious, but heretofore uninitiated, VR consumer. Xiaomi’s Mi VR Play is constructed from comfortable lycra and accommodates most smartphones...
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5 Aug

Facebook Launches Hardware Lab with Focus on Internet Drones and Virtual Reality

Area 404
Similar to how the U.S. Government has Area 51, a top-secret fortress that allegedly tests high-powered flying vehicles (some may call them UFOs), Facebook has opened a hush-hush experimental laboratory of its own: Area 404. Recently christened in Facebook’s home base of Menlo Park, Area 404 is a 22,000 square foot hardware lab that the social media giant plans to use in order to model and prototype new components and hardware. Area 404 will bolster Facebook’s Connectivity Lab, the section of Facebook with the mission of bringing Internet access to remote areas of the world. Facebook’s Connectivity Lab already has some impressive hardware in its arsenal, including Aquila, their Internet-beaming drone. Area 404 was born of the idea to reduce the...
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2 Aug

Virtual Reality Being Prescribed as an Alternative to Pain Killers

virtual reality
Virtual reality isn’t all fun and games – quite the opposite, in fact. There have been proven instances of this technology being used for a wide variety of remedying purposes, ranging from treating the PTSD of veterans to teaching people how to be more empathetic. Now, virtual reality technology is being fully embraced by some doctors for its pain remedying applications. That’s right, forget Morphine or Percocet – the latest drug of choice for dealing with and managing pain is medically customized virtual reality. Many in the medical field have turned to virtual reality for its therapeutic capabilities and applications in medical procedures, but the technology’s efficacy in mitigating pain is a new development. Recently, a study found that playing a...
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28 Jul

Google’s Arts & Culture App Incorporates Immersive Virtual Reality Features

Google Arts & Culture app
In its ever-expanding quest to educate the world by giving access us to an armada of encyclopedic knowledge at our fingertips, Google is now looking to make us a little bit more cultured as well. With the recent launch of its new Arts & Culture app, Google is trying to make history and art cool again through the use of advanced technology and immersive virtual reality capabilities. The Arts & Culture app is both a wet dream for the creative minded and an amazing stepping-stone for those who like art, but just can’t seem to “get it.” With the ability to explore the art and culture of more than 70 countries with access to thousands of museums across the world,...
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27 Jul

See What All the Virtual Reality Hype Is About in San Francisco’s VR Arcade

Urban Safari VR arcade
You’ve no doubt heard rumblings about virtual reality and how it’s the next, huge thing in the tech world. VR seems to be popping up everywhere these days, except for in our homes. That’s probably because people just don’t know what to make of the technology. Sure, it sounds cool in theory, but how many of us have actually personally experienced the supposed wonder of VR in person? Forget about going out to buy pricey headsets to play VR games and immerse ourselves in VR environments if we’re not even sure how it works or if we’ll like it. Still, for those of you who can’t quite seem to satisfactorily scratch your VR curiosity itch, an arcade in San Francisco...
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21 Jul

Teaching Empathy Through Virtual Reality

How’s this for useful? Virtual reality is a hot topic in the tech world, but most of its uses have been centered around gaming, movies/TV and other entertainment mediums. However, Stanford University is employing virtual reality in an astounding scientific manner that is actually helping people…by teaching them to be empathetic. Designing a VR environment that shows viewers the gut-wrenching circumstances that cause a virtually simulated person to become homeless, researchers at Stanford are hoping to evoke emotional reactions and responses with these life-like virtual demonstrations in efforts to shape and change the way people think and feel about these all too real human experiences. As part of Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab (VHIL), this VR experience was built to help...
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13 Jul

NBC to Broadcast Virtual Reality Programming Around the Summer Olympics

As the largest global sporting competition, the 2016 Summer Olympics is the perfect mass-scale event to introduce and exhibit a buzzy new technology: virtual reality. With exclusive rights to this year’s Olympic matchups, NBC has announced they will provide and broadcast virtual reality coverage for the first time of this year’s Olympics in Rio. The peacock network is promising hours upon hours of virtual reality content to accompany the 85-hour cumulative broadcast of the Olympics. The Opening and Closing Ceremonies, track and field, gymnastics, boxing, diving, beach volleyball, fencing and men’s basketball will all be broadcast in VR. “The world’s greatest sporting event is always a showcase for cutting edge technology, and we’re thrilled to partner with Samsung and OBS to...
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4 Jul

Celebrate Shark Week in Virtual Reality

Shark Week
Despite all logic suggesting otherwise, sharks continue to captivate and rivet audiences, so much so that they’re still the only animals with a dedicated week honoring them. Yes, that’s right, Shark Week is once again upon us, and this seems to be a weeklong television ratings bonanza that simply won’t jump the metaphorical shark in terms of alienating millions of Americans. Once again brought to the masses by Discovery Channel (the network that brought us something other Shark Week, I’m assuming), Shark Week kicks off July 3 with a virtual reality twist. The Discovery VR app is looking to take Shark Week to even more extreme levels this year, offering virtual and augmented reality experiences for viewers who really want to...
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27 May

Visual Vocal Encourages Collaboration With Shareable VR

shareable vr
As virtual reality continues to solidify its position as the next, big thing, many tech companies and startups are flocking to the virtual world in order to capitalize on this growing technology. At its core, architectural design and engineering are rather solitary pursuits, but one Seattle-based startup is looking to create a community of collaboration for designers using virtual reality technology. To foster this sense of unity, Visual Vocal has set out to make the concept of shareable VR an easy and social opportunity for all. Recently going public, Visual Vocal is developing technology that will convert 3D renderings and visualizations into virtual reality experiences, and then share these with other developers and engineers through a cloud-based communication layer. The idea...
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