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16 May

Lumoid Makes Affordability a Priority

Instead of shelling out thousands of dollars for a camera body or lens that you might use a handful of times, try renting instead! Lumoid is leading the charge in providing consumers exceptional affordability when it comes to renting camera bodies, lens, drones, wearables, and audio equipment. With new technology hitting the shelves at dumbfounding rates, it is hard to keep up with the latest gadgets. In addition, with added features and new bells/whistles, a camera or lens you bought 6 months ago essentially becomes obsolete. Lumoid understands this issue and has presented a "try-before-you-buy" philosophy where 20% of your rental cost goes towards credits which you can use for purchasing photo gear. By renting, you are investing in yourself. Revolutionary! Unbeatable...
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20 Sep

This Camera Can Read Books Without Even Opening Them

Leave it to the geniuses at MIT to develop a piece of tech that essentially allows them to study without really studying. I’m of course talking about a camera developed by a team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that can read books without them being opened or even touched. If this X-ray vision camera sounds incredibly sci-fi in nature, you clearly underestimated the power and minds of our leading techies. The goal of the camera, however, is not to get out of the academic requirement of actually hitting the books – the camera was developed to scan books that are centuries old, which can be too delicate to touch or read without damaging them. So, just how does this...
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7 Sep

Apple Reveals the Faster, Swim-Proof Apple Watch 2

Unveiled today at their annual mobile hardware event, the Apple Watch Series 2 has finally arrived. Retaining similarities to its predecessor, but equipped with some fantastic upgrades, you'll want to get it in your hands and onto your wrist ASAP. With the same tried and true square watch face for notification and time display and one-day battery life, this new device is also made with the brightest display screen that Apple has ever included in a product, coming in at around twice as bright as the first generation version. Also getting a much-appreciated upgrade is the processor in the watch. Called the S2, the new processor is dual-core and 50% faster with two times the graphics performance. This means that using apps and navigating...
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3 Sep

The Apple Watch 2: Everything You Need to Know

Gossip is swirling in the tech world that the details of the new Apple Watch 2 will be officially announced during the company's next Special Event, slated for September 7th of this year. Apple is notorious for using livestreamed events to launch new products, upgrades and so forth, so tongues have been wagging that this will be the time for the Apple Watch 2 to shine. Since we've still got some time until we know with certainty what we're in for, here's what the folks of the Internet and tech worlds seem to be expecting. Better software: Announced in June, Apple will be releasing software in the fall called watchOS 3. This upgrade is purported to have faster connectivity, new text alert and...
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17 Aug

Xiaomi’s Mi VR Play Is a Quirky, Inexpensive Virtual Reality Headset

Arguably the main hurdle virtual reality technology has to overcome in order to reach the masses is the price tag. Leading virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive can go for close to $1000, and many mainstream consumers aren’t going to shell out a grand on technology they haven’t had much of a chance to interact with, let alone equipment that can be fairly cumbersome and requires a lot of space to take full advantage of. Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi understands this dilemma, releasing a lightweight, quirky and relatively inexpensive VR headset meant to assuage monetary concerns and attract the curious, but heretofore uninitiated, VR consumer. Xiaomi’s Mi VR Play is constructed from comfortable lycra and accommodates most smartphones...
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10 Aug

Philips Joins the Wearable Race with Family of Medical Grade Fitness Devices

Philips wearables
The latest company to throw its hat into the wearables arena is Philips, which recently unveiled a host of medical grade  aimed at offering some high-tech alternatives to the Fitbits of the world. However, rather than target that ever popular and hungry millennial demo, Philips is going after an older generation with their line of wearables, placing more stock in substance over flash. Philips debuted five FDA-approved devices at once, which include a health watch, a wrist blood pressure monitor, an upper arm blood pressure monitor, a body analysis scale and an ear thermometer. These five gadgets are but a tease for what’s to come, with Philips promising a larger line of smart medical grade fitness devices down the road. In...
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9 Aug

Povie Smartphone Necklace Mount Lets You Shoot Hands-Free POV Video

So, you want people to see what the world is like directly through your eyes? Povie, the smartphone necklace mount, is here to make that vision come to life. It can be hard to capture compelling footage from the perspective of the filmmaker and director themselves, so maker Edelkrone created Povie as a smartphone mount that is worn around one’s neck, allowing for simple and seamless shooting of video from one’s own point of view, completely hands-free. Sure, it’s not the most fashion-forward or even accessible wearable gadget, but as a piece of photography gear, Povie is supremely useful. All one has to do in order to start filming a mile a minute is attach a circular clip to the back...
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5 Aug

Capture Photos at the Wink of an Eye with Blincam

Is it a camera? Is it a wearable? Better – it’s both! It’s Blincam, a wearable, clip-on camera that attaches to any pair of glasses and enables you to take and capture photos with a blink or wink of an eye. That’s right, all the childhood torture and repressed trauma of being called “four eyes” will now be blissfully reversed thanks to Blincam because you’ll have the ability to take photos by simply blinking your freaking eye! Take that, playground bullies! Dubbed as “the world’s smallest and quickest camera,” Blincam may or may not match that lofty title, but it sure as hell sounds pretty cool. Blincam is still in the development phase, so finalized specs and a full list of...
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22 Jul

DJI’s Zenmuse Z3 Is the First Aerial Zoom Camera for Drones

Attention aerial photography and drone enthusiasts! Does DJI have a brand spanking new product to get you all giddy. The premier drone-maker has announced the impending launch of the Zenmuse Z3, their first aerial zoom camera for drones that is tailor-made for aerial still photography. With the ability to zoom in up to a whopping 7x, thanks to both a 2x digital zoom and 3.5x optical zoom, and the ability to shoot 12 megapixel photos and 4K video at 30fps, Zenmuse Z3 packs a wallop for any camera, especially one that can be equipped to a drone. The Zenmuse Z3 zoom technology was made possible thanks to recent advancements in DJI’s stabilization tech, complementing a drone’s sparse movements and magnifying...
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7 Jul

The Pinout Is a Handy, Three-for-One Accessory for DSLRs

The best accessories both complement whatever it is you’re adding them to, and also bring something fresh and new to the table. The Pinout, a handy and versatile accessory built for DSLR cameras, certainly stacks up to those requirements. Acting as a geotagging device for your camera to prevent theft or loss, a remote shutter release and an intervalometer, the Pinout packs a whole bunch into such a miniscule package. To unlock this bounty of features, all photographers have to do is attach the Pinout to their cameras and pair it with an app on their smartphones. Once you’re all set up, the two features Pinout really revolves around are the remote shutter and GPS functions. The remote shutter will let...
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