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10 Sep

Are Apple’s AirPods the Future of Audio Gear?

Apple AirPods
You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone. As the world mourns over Apple’s decision to strip away the headphone jack from the new iPhone 7, memorials for the little hole that offered so much comfort and promise are taking the Internet by storm – not to mention sheer outrage. Whatever side of the fence you may fall on when it comes to the hot headphone jack debate of our modern times, Apple didn’t leave us high and dry with their decision. The removal of the headphone jack paves the way for Apple to introduce their own line of wireless headphones for future devices. These wireless earbuds are called AirPods, and they just might be the future of audio...
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18 Aug

Watch This Year’s VMA Video of the Year Nominees Using These Amazing Headphones

It’s that time of year again – time for the most outrageous awards show of them all! Of course, what other show could I be talking about besides the MTV Video Music Awards, which take place Sunday, August 28? From the very first show in 1984 with Madonna writhing around on stage in a wedding gown up to last year’s epic Miley Cyrus/Nicki Minaj feud, and of course, all of the pop star makeouts, twerking, “Imma let you finish…” and python snakes in between, the VMAs never fail to deliver on outrageous, watercooler moments. Oh, they also hand out some awards for music videos as well. This year’s five Video of the Year nominees are surprisingly solid. To acquaint or...
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11 Aug

The Best Speakers for Your Budget

If you want to get a really immersive experience out of your home entertainment system, then good speakers are key. While home audio equipment can sometimes get a little pricy, getting great sound for your music, movies, games and more doesn't have to mean breaking the bank. Check out four amazing at-home audio devices for every price point available with Lumoid: 1. Boombotix Boombot Pro Trial - $30.00 for a 2-week trial along with two other portable audio items Buy - $99.95 Small but powerful, this portable speaker uses integrated flash memory and Bluetooth to give you on-the-go audio excellence. Rugged and waterproof, tote it around every room of your house for HiFi sound in every corner. 2. Sonos PLAY:1 Trial - $20/day Buy - $199.00 The PLAY:1 is designed...
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7 Aug

Accessorize with Helix Cuff, a Wearable Audio Smart Bracelet

The goal of any great statement piece is to get people talking and to get eyeballs staring. The goal of any wearable is to provide some sort of functionality to your everyday life while being a gadget on your person that performs its purpose. The goal of any audio gear is to deliver top-notch, quality sound that will heighten the experience. The goal of Helix Cuff, a wearable audio smart bracelet, is all of the above, and so much more. Created by Ashley Chloe, Helix Cuff is a chic, stylish bracelet that offers a much needed fashion injection into the world of wearables. As a wearable smart device, the Helix Cuff delivers the crisp sound and expected functionality of a pair...
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5 Aug

Amazon Wants You to Hear People Say Your Name Even Through Noise Cancelling Headphones

Amazon noise cancelling headphones
Audiophiles can attest that any quality pair of headphones worth their salt will be noise-cancelling headphones that can block out all the sounds, voices and cacophony of the outside world so you can blissfully enjoy your tunes as you navigate through the noisy world. Still, there are downsides to every great invention. Sometimes, it can be a little dangerous to completely repel the sounds of your environment – for example, it’d be good to hear a car’s brakes screeching to a hurried stop before hitting you while you cross the street. It’s also convenient to hear and know if someone is calling out your name. Thanks to Amazon’s latest patent, we may be able to have our cake and eat...
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4 Aug

4 Audio Devices You Need to Perfect Your Man Cave

A good man cave has to have it all - the big screen TV, the turn table, the mini fridge and snack bar, and every gaming platform under the sun. But to be able to enjoy everything with high def sound, you need all the right speakers and headphones for your favorite tunes, games, movies and more. Don't know where to start? Look no further. Here are four of the best audio devices to complete your man cave in both quality and style. 1. Sonos PlayBar Equipped with a whopping 9 speakers, this slim and sleek speaker has enough power to fill every nook and cranny in your man cave. With the Sonos PlayBar you can wirelessly stream music, get full theater sound for TV...
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3 Aug

Must-Have Gadgets For Your Summer Beach Vacation

As the days grow longer and the temperatures rise higher, many of us will be taking some time to bask in summer’s glory by heading to its defining environment: the beach. With every excursion, the proper gear is necessary to complete and enhance the experience. While bathing suits, sunscreen and beach towels are the obvious culprits, this list is to broaden your mind and introduce you to some tech gear that will complement your beach vacay perfectly and make you cool for the summer. Whether you’re pulling a day trip or a week-long adventure, the gear below will take your beach experience to new heights. Best of all, all of these gadgets are available to rent for a trial period...
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23 Jul

The Wearables & Headphones You Need for Lengthy Summertime Runs

Summertime is perfect for going on long runs. Whether you’re an early bird and want to catch the sunrise on your jog around the park, or want to bask in the warm glow of a sunset near the water, running during the summer simply can’t be beat thanks to the great weather and wonder of the season. Plus, as an exercise, it’s a great cardio workout that will keep you fit during the time of the year where you’ll be showing more skin and wearing less clothing. To really get the most out of your summer runs, you’re going to want the right wearable to track your run and pair of headphones to help soundtrack it. Below is a list...
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19 Jul

Here’s How to Choose the Best Audio Streaming Service for You

music streaming
With the once cherished CD now on the cusp of becoming an ancient relic of a previous generation and autonomous MP3 players giving way to music player integrated smartphones, music streaming services are skyrocketing in popularity. Currently outshining video streaming services, audio streaming has surged an impressive 79.5% year-to-year while sales of physical albums and downloads continue to drop every year. The music industry is being heavily impacted by this market change, with streaming now acting as its cornerstone. "Audio streaming is changing the face of the music industry. From Jay-Z's Tidal to the new BitTorent, streaming music might soon become the only way the next generation listens to their favorite artists," says Karl Volkman, audio streaming expert and CTO of SRV Network,...
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14 Jul

Waves Audio Wants to Upgrade Your Mediocre Headphones with 3D Sound

I’ll be the first to admit – I’m an abuser of the free Apple headphones that come with Apple products. Yes, I know they’re not quality headphones by any means. Yes, I know they deteriorate over time. Yes, I know I’m an embarrassment rocking those everywhere from public transportation to the gym (the approximately three times a year I go, that is). But I can’t help it – did I mention they were free? Plus, I do enjoy the little microphone clip, which does come in handy when taking phone calls on the go. Still, I just haven’t bit the bullet and upgraded to a pair of quality headphones yet, much to the dismay, vitriol and tears of audiophiles who...
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