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14 Sep

Audeze’s iSine 10 Headphones Deliver Monstrous Sound

Audeze iSine 10
When it comes to undeniable sound quality, Audeze is normally the list topper. What sets Audeze headphones apart from pretty much any other pair or brand on the market is their planar magnetic headphone technology, which delivers crisp, dynamic, encompassing sound most audiophiles drool over. The planar magnetic technology has heretofore been relegated to over the head headphones, but Audeze has been able to shrink this technology to work and fit with an in-ear headphone. Audeze iSine 10 headphones are the wondrous fruits of their labor – a 30mm planar magnetic headphone that channels sound directly into your ear thanks to a high-tech funnel. With a booming range extension that goes from a high end treble to a deep sub bass,...
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7 Jan

Audeze Announces New Headphones That Use Apple’s Lightning Port

Well, it looks like rumors that Apple will be ditching the 8mm headphone jack on the next iPhone may be true after all. Audeze, maker of one of my favorite set of headphones ever, was at CES this year where they showed off two new headphone models that both leave the 8mm headphone jack behind in favor of using the Lightning port. The headphones are priced, in typical Audeze fashion, at $499 for the Sine model and $799 for the EL-8 Titanium's. That price, even if it's more than the iPhone itself at this point, is probably well worth it given Audeze's commitment to quality and Planar Magnetics. Before getting into the headphones themselves, the bigger story here is that the release of...
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15 Dec

JBL Xtreme Review: Solid Sound from a Solid Build

Bluetooth portable speakers come in every variety, shape, quality and price. The trick is finding the right one for you - and manufacturers can take many approaches to make you choose their product. They can rely on strong branding with specific audio tuning or features for certain audiences. Other times they'll try their best to get the job done well for everyone and avoid polarizing decisions. JBL has tried to do a little bit of both with its JBL Xtreme Bluetooth speaker. It's rugged, clearly meant to be taken on adventures or sit by your pool, and blasts loud, crisp sound. It may not be interesting enough to get your friends talking about it, but the Xtreme will reliably deliver on its promise to bring...
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3 Dec

Master & Dynamic MH40 Review: Timeless Look + Great Sound

Not everything is built to last. Your jeans will wear out. Your cell phone will slow down. Your car tires and the soles of your shoes will eventually wear away on the asphalt. Master & Dynamic, makers of high quality audio equipment, don't think the same needs to be true of your headphones. With their MH40 headphones, Master & Dynamic have designed something they say will last for decades. For that to be true, the MH40 headphones will need to have superior audio quality that won't leave you considering buying anything else, be made from extremely durable materials and need a timeless look. Essentially, Master & Dynamic needs to make you love these headphones. Success. Master & Dynamic made me fall in love...
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25 Nov

Marley Get Together Bluetooth Speaker Review: Get Up, Stand Up

In case you haven't noticed, there are a lot of Bluetooth speakers out there. Some cost less than a few bucks and are given out at conferences. Others cost hundred of dollars and have grand ambitions. No matter the form factor, materials or price, the promise of a Bluetooth speaker is that it can reliably blast clear, loud audio for you on the go or fill up a small space. The problem is that there's no shortage of Bluetooth speakers that succeed in doing so. Whether it's a no name brand or a household name, anyone can easily find a speaker at their price range that can deliver. So how do does a manufacturer stand out? If you're the maker of the Get Together, you try to give yourself...
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6 Nov

Devialet Phantom Review

There are two types of people in this world: the people who are satisfied with speakers that "get the job done" and people who view their sound systems as personal expressions of premium design and function. The first type of person would opt for a simple bluetooth speaker that they'll throw in their backpack. They probably don't use a sound bar with their television, and would never pay more than $30 for a pair of headphones. People who would buy the Devialet Phantom don't think that way. Priced at $1,990, the compact (but hefty) Phantom claims to be the absolute best wireless speaker you can get today. Its sleek design certainly embodies luxury, and its specs leave no uncertainty about the amount of...
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