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28 Sep

Studies Prove Fitness Trackers Do Indeed Work

This should come as a huge sigh of relief to anyone who’s shelled out a few hundred bucks for a fitness tracker – multiple studies have proven that the devices actually deliver on their promise of keeping their wearers active and fit. A recent case study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that fitness trackers and health apps are adept at bettering one’s overall fitness. The authors culled information from more than 224 different medical and health studies that examined the relationship between the usage of fitness trackers and positive changes in one’s lifestyle. Whether it boiled down to fitness, diet or cutting out bad habits like smoking, the result was always the same: using fitness trackers...
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22 Sep

Become a Pokémon Master with This Pokémon GO Wearable

Pokemon GO wearable
To say that Pokémon GO became an unexpected phenomenon is a bit of an understatement. It is, however, a testament to two things: the power of nostalgia and the technologic evolution of gaming and augmented reality. After a monstrous big bang of a launch, the craze surrounding Pokémon GO has died down a bit and the public and player fascination has waned, mostly due to a lack of updates. Makers Niantic Labs are trying to reignite the Poké craze, and while upgrades to the app itself don’t appear to be on the horizon much to the chagrin of players, the game is getting even techier if it’s possible. Trainers, meet the Pokémon GO Plus wearable! Starting September 16, Pokémon GO players...
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16 Sep

Fitbit Bonanza! All the Latest Upgrades from the Fitness Tracking Behemoth

new Fitbit products
When Fitbit wants to make a splash, they create a tsunami. That’s the only way to describe the gigantic announcement the fitness tracker company unveiled recently, detailing tons of new products, upgrades, accessories and sneak peeks of what’s coming soon. In fact, there’s so much to wade through that we could conceivably make a separate post for every single thing Fitbit announced. However, for the sake of brevity and your time, we’ve compiled all the standout moments and highlights from Fitbit’s latest announcement into one handy post (you’re welcome!). Scroll below to see all the latest and greatest from Fitbit. Fitbit Blaze and Alta Go Gold Gold – you either love it or hate it. As it turns out, many have...
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15 Sep

Take Your Snapchat Game to the Next Level with These 9 Hacks

snapchat hacks
Snapchat is no joke. As a matter of fact, it’s a tricky world to navigate. Even for those adept at the platform, Snapchat doesn’t wear its secrets on its sleeves. There are a wealth of hidden tricks and features within Snapchat that only Ghostface Chillah himself knows about…until now, that is! That’s right, prepare to be schooled on all the devilish little secrets Snapchat has been hiding from us. Whether you’re a newbie to the social platform or an aficionado, there’s bound to be at least one amazing hack that will leave you looking like the dropped jaw emoji. With these nine hacks, you’ll be leagues ahead of your friends when it comes to your Snapchat prowess. Apply 3 Filters: Swipe...
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12 Sep

Great News! Sonos Speakers Will Host Streaming/Control Through Spotify

Sonos speakers
When it comes to quality home audio, it’s hard to deny the power and verve of Sonos. Their line of top-notch speakers not only boast some of the highest quality on the market, but possess sleek, modern looks that blend well with most home décor. A recent announcement only furthers the allure of Sonos speakers – starting in October, Sonos users will be able to control their devices and speakers directly through Spotify either on their mobile devices or from the desktop application and website. No longer beholden to the Sonos Controller app, this new Spotify compatibility means that Sonos speakers will appear in the Spotify Connect menu for instant pairing, while being able to be easily grouped through the...
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11 Sep

Three Apps That Make Editing Photos on Your Phone a Breeze

photo editing apps
For the photographer on the go, there’s no more a convenient or powerful device than probably what’s already in their – and most everyone’s – pocket: a smartphone. This is because a smartphone can accomplish all the basic facets of the process, including capturing an image, editing that image to polish it up and then posting and distributing the final product. The fact that all of this can be done on one device is truly remarkable, and just goes to show how far we’ve come. While it’s obvious to most that you can take photos on your phone thanks to built-in cameras and post those thanks to an abundance of social sharing apps, what most forget is how easy and...
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4 Sep

Pebble Uncovers the Keys to Happiness

Pebble Happiness app
This summer, smartwatch maker Pebble set out to answer one of life’s burning questions: Just what is it that makes people happy? Launching their very own app (the Happiness App) to kickstart this project, Pebble has spent months curating data that users of Pebble devices and the app have recorded in regards to their mood and energy levels during a given day. Tens of thousands of people contributed to the experiment, noting the things and circumstances that brought them the most glee, and now, Pebble has released these findings. If you’re looking for some tips on your personal pursuit of happiness, read on below to learn what Pebble discovered made for shiny, happy people. First, let’s break down the obvious. Users...
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28 Aug

Garmin Launches a Watch Face Designing App for Their Line of Smartwatches

Those of you who have always wanted to be your very own makeshift fashion designer are now in luck – Garmin has debuted a brand new app that enables users to unleash their inner creative and design watch faces for their line of smartwatches and wearables. The app, cutely dubbed Face-It, is compatible with all of Garmin’s Connect IQ devices including multiple Forerunner models, the Fenix 3, Vivoactive and Vivoactive HR. The main design pool driving the app is a user’s camera roll, where they can upload any photo saved on their phone and rework them into watch faces for their Garmin wearables. Face-It couldn’t be any easier to operate. Simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play...
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18 Aug

Verifly Offers On-Demand Drone Insurance for Aerial Protection

It’s not easy maintaining the friendly skies anymore, now that drones are popping up in airspace all over the world more frequently. Since most of these unmanned aerial vehicles cost a lot more than just a pretty penny, it makes since that many want to protect their goodies from any harm or foul that may befall them. Thankfully, Verifly is here to save the day – and your drone! Like any great startup, the co-founders behind Verifly, Jay Bregman and Eugene Hertz, sensed a dire market need for a service that would provide insurance for drone flights any time, any place. In today’s tech-saturated world, what better way to offer an on-demand service than by creating an app available at...
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9 Aug

Meet the Self-Proclaimed World’s Worst Photo App

Aestheticam app
It's not often that a product flaunts how terrible it is, let alone tout it. But sometimes, being so, so bad can end up being so, so good. When your reputation rides on just how downright awful you are, being the worst might be the best thing for you. At least, that’s the mantra A E S T H E T I C A M is living by. As the self-proclaimed “world’s worst camera app,” A E S T H E T I C A M is everything Instagram and other popular photo apps are not. The visually cringe-worthy app forgoes a modern, streamlined aesthetic and interface to give you one hot mess of an app. Created by Nick Lee,...
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