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Category: Video

4 Sep

With Graava, Your Videos Are Conveniently Edited in Real-time

Today’s portable cameras are designed to capture hours of footage, which is a pain to sift through. Spending all night butchering highlights was a process that enthusiasts had to accept, simply because there was no way around the grueling ordeal. Bruno Gregory, a Brazilian software engineer, came up with a solution that solves the Mo footage, Mo problems issue that is currently plaguing the filming scene. The Graava, a tiny recording device, self-edits footage as it happens. “Millions of videos are shot every day, but very few people actually have the time, experience, or software necessary to edit the hours of footage they have after a long day skiing or zip lining,” said CEO and Co-founder Gregory. “Graava is here to take care...
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24 Jul

A strikingly intimate view into the life of a surf photographer

If this doesn’t make you want to quit your job to travel, surf and be a full-time photographer I don’t know what will. Morgan Maassen’s video shows stunning seascapes and captivating captures of surf culture with the intimacy of best friends on a surf trip. Watching his videos makes you feel as if you’re caught in the calm before the storm…like a placid journey on the cusp of a transformative adventure. Such is the beauty of his work—he creates a space, a fold in space, where you are placed directly in that moment as a bystander, no, a participant and that sensation sticks, leaving you with not so much feelings of wanderlust, but rather as if you have just experienced that segment of...
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17 Jul

Action cameras for the adrenaline junkie

Stunt videos have changed over the years, breaking out of the house and backyards. These videos have gone viral. Stunt clips have been shot from the deepest trenches of the earth’s oceans, to our planet's upper atmosphere. As these have grown and changed, so has the tech recording them. If you're going cliff diving, taking your bike off a ramp of questionable design, or jumping from a plane thousands of feet in the air, you’re going to need the proper equipment to capture your insane feat of dynamo. Below are some of the best action cams available. GoPro HERO4 Black The first option for adrenaline junkies and daredevils alike is the crown jewel of action cameras, The GoPro. With their latest iteration in the...
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